Friday, September 30, 2011

Ulcer Attack: back to back

Have you experienced a sudden shift of mood because your stomach hurts so bad that you want to vomit all the acid you've got in inside your belly?

Sure you do. That is if you have ulcer or if you are hyper acidic.

It pained so much that I can hardly walk all afternoon. Thanks to my friend's girlfriend. She's an instant girl scout. She has got a dozen of medicines that include two chewable tablets of antacid.

Actually, that's just the shortcut of what really happened. So, it was somewhat like this. In my chemistry class this afternoon.

Gay 1: Ryan, you look so haggard.
Me: I frowned and gave him a finger.
Teacher: What happen to you?
Me: My stomach hurts. Ulcer, Sir!
Teacher: That's fine. Just eat on time. (He smiled and walked away. Checking if our experiment is going fine.)
Me: Thanks, Sir! (You are small I want to kick you.)
F's GF (Friend's GF) : Ryan, what's wrong?
Me: My stomach hurts. Soon to die.
F's GF: I've got kremil-s and another one.
Me: Sure. Get me. Faster.
F's GF: Need water.
Me: I'll just think this is chewable.

Lesson of the day. I need to bring antacid chewable tablets all the time!

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