Wednesday, September 21, 2011

It's me all the time..

I wonder why it's always me all the time. Everytime I am into group presentations, I am always the leader. Apart from being the initiator of every activity, this is the part I hate the most -- making all the presentations alone. Instead of the whole group doing it, It's me all the time.

On each of my classes, in my major and minor subjects, I always make sure that I sit on the back portion of the classroom. It's where the dumb-heads usually can be found as what they say. And everytime a teacher raises a question, I opt to shut my mouth even if I know the answer. I love to just sit back and read e-books in my phone. I also love to sleep while the teacher is having her discussion.
I just get average scores in my exams. But I wonder why they always expect something from me. They'll say that I'm an editor so I know better. WTF!

I am a lousy student. That's why I hate it when they don't do their part. I hate it when I can't exercise my rights on being lousy. I hate it when I make group presentations all by myself. Just like now, it's a quarter before two o'clock in the morning, and here I am, awake.

For God's sake! I have a fever.  And I still need to attend a 12-hour nonstop class tomorrow. That means if I can finish what I'm doing at 3 AM this morning, I still have a short-time to sleep.


  1. and it's amazing na you were still able to blog this with the fever, huh

  2. soon you'll get wrinkles and eye bags ed.


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