Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Will I See you in Heaven?

(How I wish I can have a very pretty and sexy girlfriend like the girl in this picture. HAHA)

They say that when we die, there wait two places -- heaven and hell. Though until now I am not sure where I am going, because I know that I was never a good guy, and was never a good son, I can't help but think most of the time where the two of us heading.

They say that when people die and when they go to heaven, they won't remember anything in their past life. They won't remember anything -- No hatred. No traces of existence. No memories of the one you love.

No memories of the one you love. I thought about this for a couple of times and I felt a sudden prickle of heat in my heart. Isn't that sad?

Isn't that a misfortune for two lovers who spent their lifetime in earth and just to forget about everything when they are in heaven. How's that for a tragic end of a love story?

I don't want to forget about you. I want to remember your face when I die. I'll paint you in my heart and it'll forever be there.

I'll make sure that whenever I die, I'll see you in heaven, and I'll remember you. :P

(This post is just a product of my very restless mind. You see, this has nothing to do with my love life because I don't have one. :) 


  1. I'd rather forget the one I love than go to hell... =)

  2. i'd rather die tomorrow than to live a hundred years without knowing you...

    salamat sa pagdaan sa blog ko ang for adding me in ur bloglist...

  3. ba't nandito yang makulit na bluebird na yan?!!leletchunin ko yan! wahahaha

    nobody can tell pero as far as i know..we can remember everything when we die...amm sa bible diba yung parable of the rich man..napunta sya sa hell and pleaded to God na sabihan yung mga mahal nya sa buhay to repent from their ibig sabihin he remember everything..

    reference Luke 16:19-31


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