Saturday, July 2, 2011

Porque Contigo

"Tulala lang sa aking kwarto
At nagmumuni-muni
Ang tanong sa aking sarili
Saan ako nagkamali
Bakit sayo pa nagkagusto"

Take note. The lyrics above has nothing to do with love. I'm not entitled to talk about it this time. The truth is, I've got nothing to tell - my eyes hurt while my brain cells are totally consumed with my previous thinking.

As a matter of fact, I suppose to write an opinion article for our weekly paper but then again, I wasn't able to do so because I'm tired of errors. I lost my appetite for writing this week because of errors. Maybe because I wasn't able to examine the errors and I blame myself for that.

Let's talk about the song.

Aint this song very nice to hear? I thought this was Spanish. I was convinced that this was a Spanish song because it sounded so Spanish two weeks ago when my colleagues kept of playing this song here in the office. (Okay, I've said enough of Spanish.)But later on, as the song went on, after the chorus has ended, it was Chabacano after all.

Okay, I miss you so badly while I'm making this entry. 


  1. sinong miss mo Ryan?! ayiii inlove ka ba?

  2. @iya_khin Ngee. Hindi ako inlove. haha. Wala lang yan. Wala lang talaga akong maisulat sa blog ko kaya ano ano naiisip. Ganito ba feeling pag-in love? siguro. Tama ka. Pero ewan ko sa sarili ko. haha

  3. Aww.. Write if you have the inspiration to write. Wag ipilit (unless necessary talaga.. hihi). Kasi lalabas talaga na pilit. LOL..

    Wehehe.. Akala Spanish, Chabacano pala. LOL..

    Awwww, you miss me? I miss you, too. Ryan. LOL..

  4. @Leah Waaahhh. No comment ako Leah. hahaha.

  5. nice.,, kulit ng blog m :) new follower here :)
    .. hope you check out my blog and if you like it, follow me back.. hihi,,

    Thank you

  6. @Diane CMP :) Makulit ang blog ko kasi makulit din ang may-ari. :)


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