Sunday, July 24, 2011

Mom Knows Best!

Most of the time, we always say that we know ourselves more than anyone in this world. But that’s not true, our MOTHER knows us better than we know ourselves.

She knows your smell, your likes, your hates, and everything about you.When you feel sad or if there is something wrong, and though you just keep it to yourself, your mother knows it.
When your appetite is gone and you'll skip a meal, she'll cook your favorite food just to fill up your empty tummy.

When you ask money from her, she'll give some to you even if she doesn't have any. She'll watch over you when you are sick. She'll buy Royal True Orange, and Biogesic. She'll cook a delicious soup, too (Maggi or Lucky Me Nooddles).

She'll ask you if you are okay, and she knows that you lie even if you say "Yes."

She'll be forever proud of you!

Your girlfriend or boyfriend says that he/she loves you very much. But believe me,  your mother loves you more than your girlfriend and boyfriend does. That's a fact.

Love your mom because it's not everyday that she is around.


  1. What make you post this one? I guessed you missed your mother, right? Well I definitely agree with you, we must and must value our mother and cherish every moment with our mother.. We must not wait that she'll not be around forever..

  2. i seem to want my mom the most whenever I'm sick. home healthcare's the best.


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