Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Fit in Right for A Punch

I think I'd like being punched every single day if the prize is getting a bottle of Nestle's Fit and Right juice drink.

Here's the story. Later this morning, I went to school with a very refreshing feeling. Refreshing because I was able to take a bath, finally! (Actually, I went to school earlier before the punching incident. I woke up 9 AM because my classmate texted me that we'll going to have a class. But only to get disappointed when I've learned that my teacher was not around. So, I went home again to take a bath.)

To trim down the story, I climbed up the stairs of our building, where our office is situated, and met Percy Jackson, the Big Fat Giant here in the publication, our webpage master. And here it goes!

Percy: Ryan!
Me: Percy Jackson!

Then, he tried to kick me, (it's a joke, actually) he wast just demonstrating what he have learned in his Muay Thai Lessons.

Being a karate kid, I dodged his kick while smiling when suddenly he countered me with another blow, a punch this time.

Because I was smiling, I didn't see it. And he hit me! He hit me! A giant fist just hit me straight to my right eye!

Bang! And All I could see were butterflies!

 Then, he apologized and said that he'd treat me snacks but I said No and It's okay because I'd write something for our paper. Then, he left. I watched myself at the mirror and saw Koko Crunch in my left eye!
Then, I saw him again and asked him to treat me lunch for what he did. To my surprise, he did treat me. He gave me a bottle of Nestle Fit and Right. A bottle of juice for a heavy punch. Okay, I think I'd like being punched everyday if the prize is getting a bottle of Nestle's Fit and Right.


  1. maybe I should contact you when I'm stress....lol

  2. wth. ang babaw naman! ahehe.. is it really worth looking like koko krunch basta may kapalit na fit n right??

    lels. i hate my name kaya. masyadong common. kaya kayren na lang itawag mo saken ahaha(x

  3. wahaha! parang punch and judy lang! lels! paano kaya kung bugbugin ka nya, ano kaya ang itretreat nya sayo?! hahah try mo kaya?!


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