Sunday, July 10, 2011

Defining Hate

Life is a puzzle. Every piece fits together to create who we are. What we do, how we feel, every experience shapes us into who we eventually we become.

There is something wrong with the atmosphere around me. At first, I thought this was going to end very soon, but as time goes by gradually, it remains unchanged. The feeling of hate and dislike is within me. And no matter how much I try to forget that hate, it's there - boiling and vivid.

How I wish I would never get inside the office and sit in this computer again. How I wish I could just stay away but remain editor in this pub, or just quit, perhaps. Because every time I open the door, and starts to write something about the goodness of life, I remember hate.

I want to get out of this place. I don't want to see their ugly faces and smell their nasty presence anymore. And I am sure they feel the same way, too.

I have forgotten friendships. I have forgotten the happy memories we shared together. I have forgotten the days that we were still writers,  the time when we were still newbies and were too innocent on what we were doing. 

There was a common place for smiles and laughs. There was friendship. There was forgiveness. There was understanding. There was no room for hate because because all we had was us.

I can't help but smile every time I remember how all of us met because we have the same passion in writing, how we struggle to remain not evicted, how we learned and improved, how we grew up in the same office.

I couldn't count how many meals we shared already. How many times we experienced drinking in one glass. How easy to grab a bite when someone is eating his/her Bananacue. How many birthday parties we shared together. Those were the past.

I choose to bury them all. Because none of them were real. All of those memories, though I still find happy and worth remembering, are gone. Hate has taken over happy memories. That's the power of hate.

It will consume you until nothing is left. There is nothing good about hate, but there is nothing good of a world without hate either.

A world without hate is meaningless. Perhaps, it is not a world at all but rather a product of superficiality. A world without hate is a product of our superficial minds. We are so hooked with fairy tales and a world of peace. They just don't exist.

Now, I have met people that are worth keeping. And all I need is to wait until I graduate. By that time, I am free of hate. I am out of here and I will forget each and everyone of them. They are the reason of this hate. They are the reason of what I've become. I still need to wait, and I'm free of this hate.


  1. surely your workmates are not as hateful as you imply them to be? i hope you get past the hate. yes its an ugly thing and it will eat you up and too much of it will destroy you.
    i'm wondering up to now.. what is the opposite of hate? surely its not love. is it indifference? maybe you know the answer? somewhere, though i don't know where, i've picked up this idea that because of IT, hate exists.(;

  2. I think you're feeling it cause that's how you feel towards others Ry. We can be real friends you know it, but as long as you keep yourself aloof, you'll be forever soak with hatred.

    Forget the past, what would that contribute you any good anyway? Remember, we're here. I'm here. Just don't be preoccupied with awkwardness whenever we get to see or talk with each other.

    May God bless you Ry :)


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