Friday, July 8, 2011

Ang Trigo sa Dunkin

"Unsaon ni siya Ry? (How to do this?)" asked Juliene, a friend of mine. I actually call her Dakog Aping most of the time because it suits her best. Dakog Aping means chubby cheeks, and she has a quite extra-large cheek so I gave her that name. (Joke :P She's good looking. I should say because I don't want to get hurt.)

We were having a tutorial  session in Trigonometry the other night because this week is their preliminary exams. It's not normal for her to study. I mean, it's a miracle. I think so.

I've got a good stock knowledge about all math subjects because this is my major years ago.

There goes Angles. Degrees. Elevation. Depression. Word Problems. I bet word problems are the most difficult because they require comprehension and math applications.

Good thing she could really do it.


  1. "Unsaon ni siya Ry?" aguy!! bisaya words.. bisaya daiy ka? hehe!

    trigo.. nosebleed ako jan.. hahaha

  2. i love math too. loll. pano ilagay yung flying blue bird?? nainggit aqoweh! ahaha paturo naman pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease!

  3. maygad ang kulit nya! ahaha! paturo naman kung panu yan!! plssssssssss! drop me a message na lang sa blog ko ahaha thank youuu

  4. yeah ive figured it out all by myself! (; nonetheless thank you for getting back to me (;

  5. endorser ka pala ng dunkin..heheh

    paid ad ba 'to?

    mahina ako sa math so paturo ako sayo one of this days dong! XD


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