Friday, July 29, 2011

Ang Luha sa Batuta

Tiningnan mo mga mata ko, tiningnan ko rin legs mo, 
Walang masabi sa isa't isa pagkat sobrang kinis kasi
"Ang ganda mo," ang mga katagang lumabas sa labi ko
"Cute ka din. Parang si Kokey," ang tanging isinumbat mo.

 Tinanong ko pangalan mo, at tinanong mo rin ako
 "Sharlene. Tunog shampoo pangalan mo," palanding tugon ko
Sa saglit ng segundo, ika'y ngumiti, at lumapit sa'kin,
"Halika't maglakad tayo," at dun ay naka-jackpot ako.

"Uulan na yata. Sa'n ba tayo pupunta?" aking sambit
"Sumama ka lang. Ba-byahe tayo," habang kagat mga labi
Pinainit mo katawan ko't tumayo batuta sa pantalon ko, 
Ako'y walang nagawa. Sige junior at susulong tayo!

Tumambad sa paningin ko maselan mong katawan
Dahan dahang linusong ang masikip at mainit mong laman
Sa bawat yugyog nang malambo't na kama, tayo'y nagkaisa
Umungol kang kay lakas! At ang batuta'y pinaluha

Sumikat na ang haring araw, at ako ay gumising
Tumingin saan-saan, ba't wala kana sa'king piling?
Pumunta ako sa kusina't nagtimpla ng mainit na kape
Puso'y nagramdam, balikan mo ko't halikan 'king mga labi

Saan ka na aking giliw? ganun lang ba ang mangyayari?
Pagkatapos mong gamitin maskuladong kong katawan
Ika'y aalis lang at ako'y iiwanan sa kasuluk-sulukan?
Oh! Sharlene, Balikan mo ko pagka't ika'y kaligayahan

Pagka't alam kong totoong pag-ibig ating naramdaman
Ang mga mata nati'y may kaugnayan noon paman
Hahanapin kita, lulusungin kahit saang lupalop kaman
Ikaw't ako'y para sa isa't isa, yan sana'y iyong matantuhan.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Fit in Right for A Punch

I think I'd like being punched every single day if the prize is getting a bottle of Nestle's Fit and Right juice drink.

Here's the story. Later this morning, I went to school with a very refreshing feeling. Refreshing because I was able to take a bath, finally! (Actually, I went to school earlier before the punching incident. I woke up 9 AM because my classmate texted me that we'll going to have a class. But only to get disappointed when I've learned that my teacher was not around. So, I went home again to take a bath.)

To trim down the story, I climbed up the stairs of our building, where our office is situated, and met Percy Jackson, the Big Fat Giant here in the publication, our webpage master. And here it goes!

Percy: Ryan!
Me: Percy Jackson!

Then, he tried to kick me, (it's a joke, actually) he wast just demonstrating what he have learned in his Muay Thai Lessons.

Being a karate kid, I dodged his kick while smiling when suddenly he countered me with another blow, a punch this time.

Because I was smiling, I didn't see it. And he hit me! He hit me! A giant fist just hit me straight to my right eye!

Bang! And All I could see were butterflies!

 Then, he apologized and said that he'd treat me snacks but I said No and It's okay because I'd write something for our paper. Then, he left. I watched myself at the mirror and saw Koko Crunch in my left eye!
Then, I saw him again and asked him to treat me lunch for what he did. To my surprise, he did treat me. He gave me a bottle of Nestle Fit and Right. A bottle of juice for a heavy punch. Okay, I think I'd like being punched everyday if the prize is getting a bottle of Nestle's Fit and Right.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Mom Knows Best!

Most of the time, we always say that we know ourselves more than anyone in this world. But that’s not true, our MOTHER knows us better than we know ourselves.

She knows your smell, your likes, your hates, and everything about you.When you feel sad or if there is something wrong, and though you just keep it to yourself, your mother knows it.
When your appetite is gone and you'll skip a meal, she'll cook your favorite food just to fill up your empty tummy.

When you ask money from her, she'll give some to you even if she doesn't have any. She'll watch over you when you are sick. She'll buy Royal True Orange, and Biogesic. She'll cook a delicious soup, too (Maggi or Lucky Me Nooddles).

She'll ask you if you are okay, and she knows that you lie even if you say "Yes."

She'll be forever proud of you!

Your girlfriend or boyfriend says that he/she loves you very much. But believe me,  your mother loves you more than your girlfriend and boyfriend does. That's a fact.

Love your mom because it's not everyday that she is around.

What's a virgin mean?

This is a hilarious short film between a mother and a child. The mom cooks lunch when suddenly the young girl asks her mom, "What does a virgin mean?" They are talking about sex for the first time.

Note: If you want to hear the conversation in this video, kindly navigate to the left bottom sidebar of this page. You can turn off the music player there. Thank you :)

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Will I See you in Heaven?

(How I wish I can have a very pretty and sexy girlfriend like the girl in this picture. HAHA)

They say that when we die, there wait two places -- heaven and hell. Though until now I am not sure where I am going, because I know that I was never a good guy, and was never a good son, I can't help but think most of the time where the two of us heading.

They say that when people die and when they go to heaven, they won't remember anything in their past life. They won't remember anything -- No hatred. No traces of existence. No memories of the one you love.

No memories of the one you love. I thought about this for a couple of times and I felt a sudden prickle of heat in my heart. Isn't that sad?

Isn't that a misfortune for two lovers who spent their lifetime in earth and just to forget about everything when they are in heaven. How's that for a tragic end of a love story?

I don't want to forget about you. I want to remember your face when I die. I'll paint you in my heart and it'll forever be there.

I'll make sure that whenever I die, I'll see you in heaven, and I'll remember you. :P

(This post is just a product of my very restless mind. You see, this has nothing to do with my love life because I don't have one. :) 

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Defining Hate

Life is a puzzle. Every piece fits together to create who we are. What we do, how we feel, every experience shapes us into who we eventually we become.

There is something wrong with the atmosphere around me. At first, I thought this was going to end very soon, but as time goes by gradually, it remains unchanged. The feeling of hate and dislike is within me. And no matter how much I try to forget that hate, it's there - boiling and vivid.

How I wish I would never get inside the office and sit in this computer again. How I wish I could just stay away but remain editor in this pub, or just quit, perhaps. Because every time I open the door, and starts to write something about the goodness of life, I remember hate.

I want to get out of this place. I don't want to see their ugly faces and smell their nasty presence anymore. And I am sure they feel the same way, too.

I have forgotten friendships. I have forgotten the happy memories we shared together. I have forgotten the days that we were still writers,  the time when we were still newbies and were too innocent on what we were doing. 

There was a common place for smiles and laughs. There was friendship. There was forgiveness. There was understanding. There was no room for hate because because all we had was us.

I can't help but smile every time I remember how all of us met because we have the same passion in writing, how we struggle to remain not evicted, how we learned and improved, how we grew up in the same office.

I couldn't count how many meals we shared already. How many times we experienced drinking in one glass. How easy to grab a bite when someone is eating his/her Bananacue. How many birthday parties we shared together. Those were the past.

I choose to bury them all. Because none of them were real. All of those memories, though I still find happy and worth remembering, are gone. Hate has taken over happy memories. That's the power of hate.

It will consume you until nothing is left. There is nothing good about hate, but there is nothing good of a world without hate either.

A world without hate is meaningless. Perhaps, it is not a world at all but rather a product of superficiality. A world without hate is a product of our superficial minds. We are so hooked with fairy tales and a world of peace. They just don't exist.

Now, I have met people that are worth keeping. And all I need is to wait until I graduate. By that time, I am free of hate. I am out of here and I will forget each and everyone of them. They are the reason of this hate. They are the reason of what I've become. I still need to wait, and I'm free of this hate.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Ang Trigo sa Dunkin

"Unsaon ni siya Ry? (How to do this?)" asked Juliene, a friend of mine. I actually call her Dakog Aping most of the time because it suits her best. Dakog Aping means chubby cheeks, and she has a quite extra-large cheek so I gave her that name. (Joke :P She's good looking. I should say because I don't want to get hurt.)

We were having a tutorial  session in Trigonometry the other night because this week is their preliminary exams. It's not normal for her to study. I mean, it's a miracle. I think so.

I've got a good stock knowledge about all math subjects because this is my major years ago.

There goes Angles. Degrees. Elevation. Depression. Word Problems. I bet word problems are the most difficult because they require comprehension and math applications.

Good thing she could really do it.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Job That Blows

Madaling araw na, oras na para magsara ng computer shop si Pilo. Naglinis, nag-ayos, at nag-ligpit na ang binatang bantay ng computer shop.

Habang inaayos ang backpack nya at naghahanda para umuwi, narinig ni Pilo na bumukas ang pinto ng computer shop. Medyo nainis sya sa sarili dahil nakalimutan nyang baliktarin ang "open" sign na nakasabit sa pinto.

Pilo: Sorry, close na po kami. (Nakayuko parin si Pilo at abala sa pag-aayos ng bag nya.)

Babaeng sexy: Hindi ba pwedeng gumamit ng computer? Kahit saglit lang?

Pilo: Hanggang 2am lang kasi kami 'e. Pasensya na hindi talaga pwed... (Natulala si Pilo)

Sa pagtingala nya, nakita nya na ang kumakausap sa kanya ay sobrang ganda at sexy na babae. Halos ilang segundo rin bago natauhan ang binata.

Babaeng sexy: Ah sige, salamat na lang.

Pilo: Teka miss... Ano bang kailangan mo?

Babaeng sexy: Kailangan ko lang makausap ang mama ko.

Pilo: Ah akala ko kasi maglalaro ka. Kung internet, ok lang. (Palusot ng binata)

Babaeng sexy: Talaga? Wow thank you!

Pilo: Hehe sige upo ka na dyan.

Sa paglakad ng sexy at magandang babae palayo, dun lalong naaninag ni Pilo ang hubog ng katawan ng dalagita.

Babaeng sexy: Pano ba 'to?

Pilo: Anong ibig mong sabihin?

Babaeng sexy: Nag-text lang kasi ang mama ko, pumunta daw ako sa kahit saang internet shop, para makapag-usap kami. Pano ba gagawin ko?

Nakaisip si Pilo ng paraan para maka-isa sa dalaga...

Pilo: Nako miss, busy kasi ako may mga pinapagawa sa akin yung boss ko, kailangan kong tapusin 'to 'e. Pano yan?

Babaeng sexy: Matagal bang ayusin yon? Naghihintay kasi yung mama ko. Sige na, tulungan mo naman ako. Gagawin ko kahit ano, makausap lang ang mama ko.

Pilo: Talaga? Kahit ano?

Babaeng sexy: Oo.

Pilo: Sige. Halika, punta tayo sa may kwarto sa likod.

Naglakad papunta sa kwarto ang dalawa. Naunang maglakad si Pilo kaya nasa harap sya ng babae. Hindi kita ng dalaga ang malaswang ngiti ni pilo. Pag dating sa kwarto, pinaupo muna ni pilo ang dalaga. Nakangiti parin ang binata habang pinagmamasdan ang magandang muka nung babae. Binuksan ni Pilo ang pantalon nya, at nilabas ang kanyang sandata.

Pilo: Lumuhod ka.

Agad namang sumunod ang babae.

Pilo: Sabi mo gagawin mo kahit ano para makausap ang mama mo diba? Sige, simulan mo na.

Dahan-dahan nilapit ng dalaga ang mga labi nya sa sandata ni Pilo...

Babaeng sexy: Hello... Hello mama? Oo si Pearl 'to. Eto ok naman. Tumakas ako sa ospital, ayaw kasi nilang maniwala na hindi ako baliw. Hahahahaha! Kamusta naman dyan sa moon?

Pilo: Put*ng ina naman... Ah miss, bilisan mo makipag-usap long distance yan 'e. Booyset!

Porque Contigo

"Tulala lang sa aking kwarto
At nagmumuni-muni
Ang tanong sa aking sarili
Saan ako nagkamali
Bakit sayo pa nagkagusto"

Take note. The lyrics above has nothing to do with love. I'm not entitled to talk about it this time. The truth is, I've got nothing to tell - my eyes hurt while my brain cells are totally consumed with my previous thinking.

As a matter of fact, I suppose to write an opinion article for our weekly paper but then again, I wasn't able to do so because I'm tired of errors. I lost my appetite for writing this week because of errors. Maybe because I wasn't able to examine the errors and I blame myself for that.

Let's talk about the song.

Aint this song very nice to hear? I thought this was Spanish. I was convinced that this was a Spanish song because it sounded so Spanish two weeks ago when my colleagues kept of playing this song here in the office. (Okay, I've said enough of Spanish.)But later on, as the song went on, after the chorus has ended, it was Chabacano after all.

Okay, I miss you so badly while I'm making this entry.