Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The writer is the artist himself

Schools days are here again, and just the thought of it makes my stomach hurt. Obviously, it did because just a while ago I had LPM (Low Poopoo Movement) and I need to ask one my staffers to guard the Comfort Room's door because it is not working and I was afraid that someone might get in and see my Poo Poo going out.

The bad thing about school days is that, WORK IS ON. And I need to double time my working, that includes studying and editing/writing articles for the weekly paper. Studying? Yeah, right. Aside from having dates with Angle Locsin, Marian Rivera, and Tomb Raider's Lara Craft? I need to study a bit to pass my subjects. JUST TO PASS MY SUBJECTS because I have no plans of wearing latin honors medals voodoo bling blings in my neck during graduation.

Again, I am writing/editing for a weekly student publication, that's one of the three weekly student publication here in the Philippines (Philippine Collegian of the University of the Philippines, The Weekly Sillimanian of Silliman University, and The NORSUnian of the Negros Oriental State University. Wooohh!!! We Rock! and we also have a magazine, a literary folio, and an art folio, what else?)  

And just like what a friend of mine, who is working as an editor at Thomson Reuters, wrote in one of his blog entries: "The good thing about being and editor is that you get to have the chance of discovering new talents."

And I am hoping, that sooner or later, perhaps within the next few months, I will be able to discover new talents. I am very much excited to meet new staffers who will become good features writers.

Why I am saying this? prominent writers always say that good writers are features writers. All journalists can write News article but not features. Writing this one requires a wide range of vocabulary, creative imagination, and style.

Moreover, features writer are more likely to become good creative writers.

Features Writers/Creative Writers are ARTIST in the making.

The writer is the artist himself.


  1. Sumesegway! Ang galing ding magpromote! haha. PEro in fairness ha, ang feature writing ay ang isa sa mga mahirap na fields para sa akin. hindi kasi sa lahat ng oras ay mayroon kang maisusulat at hindi rin sa lahat ng oras ay nandun yung spirit. Hindi naman kasi sa lahat ng oras ay matatawag na art ang isinusulat. :D

  2. @XtianYou are right. Not all articles can be considered art, only a few. Haha. Talagang nag-propromote ako ng publication namin kasi hiring eh. haha. Anyways, talking about features, the hard part of being a features editor is that you rarely get contributions/articles from the staffers. You no longer have a choice but to write and edit it yourself. Parang hindi karin editor, parang writer ka lang. :P

  3. @Rommel JohnReally? How's that? Yah, in some cases, writing news is hard. depends on the issue. :P

  4. Good luck on your feature writing/editing stint. Was a features ed myself in tWS for two years (2008 and 2009). Anyway, just stumbled upon your blog when Googling tWS’s website. It’s gone (as usual).


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