Sunday, June 26, 2011

Fever makes a letter

Three days ago, I had a really bad fever. Bad because I hate being sick. It gives me the impression that I'm weak.  That time, I wondered why I got sick when in fact I have a strong immune system (Aww?). It was hard to believe. But I realized one thing, it reminded me, on the midnight of June 22, the night that I got sick, that I've already lived a year with no girlfriend.

I had no idea about it, actually. Such a thing as being single never crossed my mind 'till that time. I smiled to what I've learned. I lived a year without being too dependent to anyone. No real friends. No girlfriend. Just me.Let's stop the drama.

To my future girlfriend, whoever you are, I am writing this one for you.

I may not be able to know you for now, though there's a big possibility that we already know each other. I want you to know that I waited too long. I didn't go for the rush. I didn't settle for anything that is temporary because I know that when you and I meet, there is magic.

I don't know where you are. Perhaps, we shared dinner already or I've bumped you on my way downtown or maybe you've seen me looking at you stealthily and I didn't realize you already noticed me. Funny it is that two different people are bound to meet each other at the right time, at the right place.

Please don't ever think twice. When you feel that you and I have this unique interconnection, and share the same thoughts, it means you and I are for each other. That is rare. People search for a lifetime finding something like that.

You and I don't need to talk. In times that you're still comfortable sitting beside me without us talking, it means we're perfect for each other.

You see, I don't know how to play guitar. I don't know how to sing either. But I'll try to write your name in my heart. It'll forever be there.

It may happen that ours won't last that long, but that does not mean we are not destined for each other. We are destined to meet and to fall in love. It's between the two of us if what we 'll going to make out of it, whether you want to stay or not.

Where are you? I'm waiting.


  1. ang cute.. ang swerte ni future GF kasi di pa siya dumating sa life mo may sulat na siya.. hehe

  2. ang sweat sweat mo naman! ahahaha! iba talaga ang epekto pag nagkakasakit...lakas tama sa biogesic at paracetamol! hahahah!

    pero nice ha...kinilig ako...(wag ka..naiihi lang ako!) :p

  3. @mommy-razzang swerte po talaga niya. Awww? haha. Pero alam ko na ma.swerte din ako sa kanya. Ma.swerte kami sa isat-isa. :)

  4. @iya_khin Siguro sweet mga talaga ako. haha. Di ko alam yan. High na High ako sa biogesic, neozep, solmux, paracetamol habang sinusulat ko to. Kita mo ang resulta diba? haha

    Kinikilig ka din pala. Akala ko iyakin ka lang. hahaha. Peace.


  5. yan ba ang resulta ng may fever nagiging ma emo at sweet chuvaness? hehehe

    inoman na yan nga gamot mahirap kung lumala..XD

  6. @tabian Oo, ito ang resulta pag may sakit ako. Nagiging emo akong tao kahit di naman bagay sa mukha ko ang pagiging emo.

    Wala na pala akong sakit habang ginagawa ko ang comment nato para sayo. Tabian!

  7. A lot of things happen when people are in lying in bed, if you’ll forgive the pun. Allow me share an excerpt from my essay What Matters Most: Our lives have always been intertwined, like the vines in a forest, touching each other, for better, for worse, but always in consonance with the mysterious cadence of infinity. We learn to love, we need to love. Somewhere along the way we meet fulfillment and happiness. But sometimes also, we meet loneliness and despair. But to have loved and lost, is to be human, to be of humanity. Nothing could be of a more noble life. For it is through the subjugation of our frailties, when we set aside and rise to prove worthy of the elixir of life, the bittersweet taste of pure love, that we become blessed. And having been blessed, we find peace. (You may also want to read another, totally and extremely unrelated, essay titled True Pinoy Ghost Stories on my blog 2Rivers. God bless and get well! Yours, Huggybear

  8. you're right. this post is kinda sorta like that post i made that you commented on.. sometimes though, our waiting could be in vain. sometimes, we have to make it happen. (:

    thanks for dropping by.(;

    i love the way you write.. i think ya one of em guys with the perfect tongue i so love. loll

    your new follower..(:

  9. @kayren Thank you for commending my skill in writing, Kayren. :)

    Too bad, I don't have a good tongue. :P


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