Monday, June 13, 2011

Porno Marathon -->

I had an encounter with my new board mates last night and because all of them were males, our talks led to girls to sex to porn stars and the last? porn videos. And later on, I taught them my perceptions about the subject. I am hopeful that they will take it as a good advice.

Though I need to admit that I don't have those kinds of videos and I don't like to watch porn/nude movies (weee? di nga) I decided to continue droppin by their little talks because I also found it interesting. (Who wouldn't?)

From them I've heard the name Maria Ozawa, Maricar Reyes, Katrina Halili, and other porn stars whom I rarely hear now, and all I did was to listen with their talking. I could not imagine that as young as they were they already knew so much about these things. And I said to myself "I'm not like this when I was their age."

Then, I asked them to send me a nude video thru Bluetooth, perhaps just a sample of what they have because I don't have plans of keeping any. To my surprise, one of them has 85 nude  videos in his phone memory, and I said "Shit!"

Since I am the oldest of them five, I told them that in college, when they will have girlfriends, they will want to have sex. That's for sure. It is good, who would'nt want to have sex with your girlfriend?, I told them.

But once you get what you want, once the pleasure of the flesh has been sufficed, the relationship will likely lose its direction of growing to a much deeper sense of friendship, a deeper interconnection between you two.

I told them to love their girlfriends and respect them as well. I know what I'm saying, and I am saying this because I've been there.

Women are definitely the weakness of men. And they are the species that we want to taste but will never get enough with. But I told them, "What if your girlfriend is really beautiful, and then the urge is there. You need to control it. Can you imagine how wonderful it is to walk beside the most beautiful woman in your eyes, hold her hand, kiss her, without going beyond the limit of intimacy? think about it. It's really great that way. Romantic yet sensitive; sweet yet not too intimate."

Perhaps I've learn a lot from my previous relationships. And poop! why's it that I'm still single? :P


  1. tamah! It's more of a matter of discipline and control of the hormones. haha. Once the pleasure has been achieved na, parang wala ng sense. Well, not unless you did it for love. Char! haha

  2. point very well said! :)

    pagsulat kuno og bisaya? hehehe suggestion lang..

  3. @Xtian I don't know Christian. Whether you did it for love or just for lust, it's still wrong. But I would rather do it in terms of love. Hahaha. Who wouldn't?

    Marami pa bang blogger na taga negros? get me acquainted with them naman. Bigyan mo ako ng URL ng sites nila. Salamat

  4. @tabian Naa bay sakto sa akong gesulti? haha. well thank you!

    Tabian! sige akong sulayan nga musulat ug bisaya beh. haha. Kasulay nakas imuha? sapat. Murag lisud man magsulat ug bisaya ui.

    Pila na imong edad?

  5. wow..guys take it from the expert:) nice one!

  6. nakita kitang umaaligid sa bahay ko....

    at nakita kong nakaadd ako sa bahay mo....

    nahipo mo

    napapakanta ako sa post mo...

    let's get it slow so slow anywhere you wanna for you i'll lay it on the line....hmmmmm yun na yon!

  7. @SunnyToastWhat expert? I'm not! haha. I'm still a kid. (Feeler)

  8. @iya_khinMatagal na kitang nakikita pero sadyang di mo ako pinapansin.

    Nagagalak ako pagkat nahipo kita. maghipoan tayo. haha.

  9. Sex shouldn't be the foundation of a relationship, because it will eventually become "boring" or "repetitive," and then the partner (whether guy or girl), starts to look for someone else. Sex is such a flimsy foundation of any relationship. Not to mention it's hideously overrated. So is love, haha.

  10. @Rommel JohnThis is not facebook, but if ever there is a like button here, I'll click it. :P


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