Thursday, June 9, 2011

The Entries that turned Yucky!

One late afternoon, I mean now of the a while ago (makes sense?), I  was reading updated blog entries of my co-bloggers here in blogger and in WP when suddenly a friend of mine... wait, I guess I miss some parts about the proper story... Let me think...  REWIND

Here we go, I just finished eating my lunch a while ago, (I don't think I can call that lunch because all I had was fork, not pork) and my friend Lycel called my name. She wanted me to see something on the computer interface, yes the monitor of course.

Little of the knowing she was reading some of my previous, old and rotten, blog entries here in blogger. To be specific, she was reading my entries during the time I still had my former illegal wife.

And I smiled at first, but later on, as she kept on reading some lines, I realized that she was teasing me because of the corny lines I wrote in those posts. And I just said "eewwwwww", and I wanted to tell them that I don't like the entries anymore, (Yes, them because another friend of mine came in and read the entries. There were two of them already and all I did was to smile), 

But the truth is that, I feel disgust and  'ewwneness' about the things I wrote.
Those entries are just so 'hopeless romantic' and it does not fit me anymore. :P


  1. Haha! I also don't like my past "cheesy/love-i-don't-know-what' entries. Napapa-isip ako kung ako ba talaga nagsulat nun or what. Haha! =)

  2. @aizel camille Ako nga rin eh. Nasusuka ako pag binabasa dito sa opisina mga entries na yun. Ayaw ko na kasing alalahanin pa ang nakaraan. Na naging hunggang ako at iniwanan. haha. Nakakasuka talaga. Sobrang drama eh. :)


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