Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Deprivation of Freedom

Saying that I am no longer allowed to write anything here in blogger because I am creating chaos in this  bureau is simply the lamest statement I've heard for years.

What were they thinking?

They are depriving an artist to paint nude portraits. They are depriving an athlete to go beyond his limits.

They are depriving a journalist to write against the administration. They are practicing Martial Law in the era of great freedom.

If that's the case, should we not call ourselves Journalists anymore because we are not practicing the freedom of expression.

I am not posting names here, nor specific offices, and kill them out of shame. I am practicing the ethics of a blogger. And if they don't know that, then don't ever deprive me of writing what I want.

This is my blog, and I am not making issues nor conflagration to anybody.

As long as I'm not mentioning names, I'm playing safe.

Bursting the bubble of anyone of you is not my plan nor part of my business. But if I am able to do that, that only means I'm an effective writer. When you are hit without me mentioning names, there's something wrong with you. Your guilt tells you to change for the better, to stop acting bullshit and to think in accordance to fairness and equality.

Blogging is not the right medium in stepping the rights and credibility of someone's life, I know that, but that does not mean I can't write and criticize someone who, in my own common understanding, can become a goody good subject for criticism because they are no longer acting as to what normal people should do.

Judgement is necessary. It is a tool to stop mankind from their wicked act and future evil plans. Everyone has the right to judge. Because if you won't, who would? Waiting for the supreme court for the final verdict to come is useless because justice here in our country is lousy. We need to judge people to stop them from growing more wicked.

Ask a lawyer first if I am subjected for a libel case before depriving me of my very own medium of expression.


  1. Creating chaos in what sense? :)

  2. Let's kill them all!!!!! LOL.. joke. hehe..

    Tsk.. Censorship on blogs? Hm, not good. That picture pretty much says it all.

    Hindi ata gumagana ang cbox mo?

  3. @Rommel JohnChaos is a pretty much overrated term though, but it's kinda like that. Let's just say that my blog can cause conflict. :P

  4. @LeahReally not good Lea. Can you imagine that?

    Well, killing is too much. Let's just blog about them. LOLs

    They'll forever get miserable.

    I think it's with your browser or internet connection. My cbox is working really good.

  5. me away????!! resbakan natin at lagyan ng siling labuyo ang bibig!!bwahahahaha! papabed space ako sa BR ko ilalagay kita ng sa ganoon magkaroon ka ng space malapit sa puson ay este sa puso ko...lels!

    ayusin mo cbox mo!

  6. @iya_khinLabanan to ng mga isipan. Kawawa naman sila kung tutulungan mo pa ako. Kaw ha. May ganyanan na pala ngayon. :P

  7. hello! salamat sa pagsali sa aking munting pakulo. add kita sa blogroll ko ha.


  8. Salamat sa pag follow, hindi ako maka chat sa shout mix mo :D sige add kita bro. ciao.

  9. FREEEEDOOOOM!!!! Prawd na Pinoy!!! Thanks for adding me up pala... :)

  10. Your writings have been censored? Well, welcome to the club. Was once in your shoes when I was a student, almost got expelled from school for writing the truth. But it didn't stop me from pursuing a career in journalism. So keep on! Good luck, Ryan.

    from Miss N of


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