Monday, June 6, 2011

Ang Diva ng Robinson

(She thought I was taking a picture of her, when after all it was a video.)

Ending the summer vacation with a karaoke session at World of Fun.

Bored again for the nth time around, me and my ugly friend, who can be seen in the video above this entry, went  anywhere just to make this recently concluded summer worthwhile.

My reason of posting this video is not because her video is worth posting here (HAHA), I'm just so tired right now that I can hardly type something here on the keyboard. I feel so "I don't know". Aside from the fact that I'm not yet enrolled, I just feel so bad that I want to eat anything, ANYTHING that is edible.

She, I think, is also edible because her arms are fleshy, so as her cheeks. Every time I look at her cheeks, I can sense Pork Chop, Hotdog Bun, or just simply burger patty.

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