Thursday, June 30, 2011

600 Days is Too Long

Almost 600 days ago, I wrote my first editorial pertaining to the most spine-tingling event to ever tint the pages of the Philippine History. For the second time around, I am writing again to remind everyone on how lousy the justice is here in the Philippines.

Once in a while, the nation was shook by the bestial killings of 57 civilians; that include 37 journalists and 20 political supporters of the former Maguindanao gubernatorial bet, now governor, Esmael “Toto” Mangudadatu. The victims were slaughtered at the grassy hill of Barangay Salman in nearby Ampatuan town of Maguindanao on November 23, 2009.

As of press time, the names of the suspects are as clear as the spread-through blood that splattered in the grassy graves of the innocent civilians. The evidence is already at hand with the Philippine National Police (PNP) authorities and the country lively awaits the final verdict of the two killing spree masterminds Andal Ampatuan Jr. and Andal Ampatuan Sr.

 Unfortunately, justice is too slow for not serving it yet. Six hundred days have passed but still the perpetrators are still enjoying the possibility that they might be freed, and even had the face to plea for innocence. Six hundred days is too short for people who have normal lives, but for those people who have lost their loved ones, 600 days is too long for justice to take place.

Earlier this month, former Philippine President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo showed sympathy and support to the Ampatuan clan, saying that she will back them up during the judicial proceedings in the Supreme Court of the Philippines. That is why. The Arroyo administration had been backing them right from the start. Arroyo assured a year ago that justice would be given right away after the investigation. But the truth is, Arroyo could hardly put an iron hand to the Ampatuans because she owed them big time in winning the 2007 presidential election. Everything she said are nothing but lies.

 There is something wrong with the country’s political body and that is what keeps justice go slow. Suspected government officials have close ties to justice officers, so as to the military and police forces and that is the reason why crimes such as corruption, extra-judicial killings, and plunder, though already have obvious suspects and strong evidences filed in, are hardly given the equal punishment to these charges of felony.

Maguindanao Massacre is not the only proof of how terrible the justice we have here in our country is; and apparently not the first one of not having a fair and fast trial even if there are already clear evidences. There was the NBN-ZTE scandal, fertilizer scam, P438 billion foreign debt of National Power Corporation, P9.2 billion Centennial Expo scandal, P6.6 billion National Lotto scandal, P3.2 billion DILG scandal, P278 million PCA scandal, and so on and so forth.

How long should we wait for justice to come? Five years? Twenty years? A century? I would not be surprised if that’s the outcome of these trials because Philippine justice is incapable of sending nail-crooked politicians and prominent government officers to jail.

Perhaps, we, Filipinos, should start judging and questioning our authorities or else, these acts of felony will get worse. Questioning is necessary. It is a tool to stop mankind from their wicked act and future evil plans. Everyone has the right to ask because if we won't, who would? Waiting for the Supreme Court to come up with a final verdict for these cases is useless because justice here in our country is lousy.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Fever makes a letter

Three days ago, I had a really bad fever. Bad because I hate being sick. It gives me the impression that I'm weak.  That time, I wondered why I got sick when in fact I have a strong immune system (Aww?). It was hard to believe. But I realized one thing, it reminded me, on the midnight of June 22, the night that I got sick, that I've already lived a year with no girlfriend.

I had no idea about it, actually. Such a thing as being single never crossed my mind 'till that time. I smiled to what I've learned. I lived a year without being too dependent to anyone. No real friends. No girlfriend. Just me.Let's stop the drama.

To my future girlfriend, whoever you are, I am writing this one for you.

I may not be able to know you for now, though there's a big possibility that we already know each other. I want you to know that I waited too long. I didn't go for the rush. I didn't settle for anything that is temporary because I know that when you and I meet, there is magic.

I don't know where you are. Perhaps, we shared dinner already or I've bumped you on my way downtown or maybe you've seen me looking at you stealthily and I didn't realize you already noticed me. Funny it is that two different people are bound to meet each other at the right time, at the right place.

Please don't ever think twice. When you feel that you and I have this unique interconnection, and share the same thoughts, it means you and I are for each other. That is rare. People search for a lifetime finding something like that.

You and I don't need to talk. In times that you're still comfortable sitting beside me without us talking, it means we're perfect for each other.

You see, I don't know how to play guitar. I don't know how to sing either. But I'll try to write your name in my heart. It'll forever be there.

It may happen that ours won't last that long, but that does not mean we are not destined for each other. We are destined to meet and to fall in love. It's between the two of us if what we 'll going to make out of it, whether you want to stay or not.

Where are you? I'm waiting.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

A Casaroro Weekend

Since yesterday weekend was kinda boring, me and my friend, (She's my YAYA actually) decided to go to Casaroro Falls. Well, it's our first time in Casaroro and I don't need to really elaborate or describe what what we saw there because I'll be writing an article about nature on Monday for our weekly paper.

Just look at the pictures below. P.S. I don't have pictures here yet because she did not upload mine in FB.  That's good because I don't like showing my face here in blogger or in Facebook.

You might see an endangered ferocious creature in some of the pictures. Beware!

The Endangered Specie. This is what I'm talking about.
The Fallin Tree?
The Flower
Flower and Water
The Horizon
The Water and Ferns
Water na naman. Puro nalang tubig
The Falls and the Ferocious Creature
Water and Stones. Puro may water ang pics kasi nasa Falls nga kami.
The Narcissistic Endangered Specie. (Hindi masyadong mahilig magpa-picture)
335 steps
Here's the steps
The Hanging Bridge with the Endangered One.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Deprivation of Freedom

Saying that I am no longer allowed to write anything here in blogger because I am creating chaos in this  bureau is simply the lamest statement I've heard for years.

What were they thinking?

They are depriving an artist to paint nude portraits. They are depriving an athlete to go beyond his limits.

They are depriving a journalist to write against the administration. They are practicing Martial Law in the era of great freedom.

If that's the case, should we not call ourselves Journalists anymore because we are not practicing the freedom of expression.

I am not posting names here, nor specific offices, and kill them out of shame. I am practicing the ethics of a blogger. And if they don't know that, then don't ever deprive me of writing what I want.

This is my blog, and I am not making issues nor conflagration to anybody.

As long as I'm not mentioning names, I'm playing safe.

Bursting the bubble of anyone of you is not my plan nor part of my business. But if I am able to do that, that only means I'm an effective writer. When you are hit without me mentioning names, there's something wrong with you. Your guilt tells you to change for the better, to stop acting bullshit and to think in accordance to fairness and equality.

Blogging is not the right medium in stepping the rights and credibility of someone's life, I know that, but that does not mean I can't write and criticize someone who, in my own common understanding, can become a goody good subject for criticism because they are no longer acting as to what normal people should do.

Judgement is necessary. It is a tool to stop mankind from their wicked act and future evil plans. Everyone has the right to judge. Because if you won't, who would? Waiting for the supreme court for the final verdict to come is useless because justice here in our country is lousy. We need to judge people to stop them from growing more wicked.

Ask a lawyer first if I am subjected for a libel case before depriving me of my very own medium of expression.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Porno Marathon -->

I had an encounter with my new board mates last night and because all of them were males, our talks led to girls to sex to porn stars and the last? porn videos. And later on, I taught them my perceptions about the subject. I am hopeful that they will take it as a good advice.

Though I need to admit that I don't have those kinds of videos and I don't like to watch porn/nude movies (weee? di nga) I decided to continue droppin by their little talks because I also found it interesting. (Who wouldn't?)

From them I've heard the name Maria Ozawa, Maricar Reyes, Katrina Halili, and other porn stars whom I rarely hear now, and all I did was to listen with their talking. I could not imagine that as young as they were they already knew so much about these things. And I said to myself "I'm not like this when I was their age."

Then, I asked them to send me a nude video thru Bluetooth, perhaps just a sample of what they have because I don't have plans of keeping any. To my surprise, one of them has 85 nude  videos in his phone memory, and I said "Shit!"

Since I am the oldest of them five, I told them that in college, when they will have girlfriends, they will want to have sex. That's for sure. It is good, who would'nt want to have sex with your girlfriend?, I told them.

But once you get what you want, once the pleasure of the flesh has been sufficed, the relationship will likely lose its direction of growing to a much deeper sense of friendship, a deeper interconnection between you two.

I told them to love their girlfriends and respect them as well. I know what I'm saying, and I am saying this because I've been there.

Women are definitely the weakness of men. And they are the species that we want to taste but will never get enough with. But I told them, "What if your girlfriend is really beautiful, and then the urge is there. You need to control it. Can you imagine how wonderful it is to walk beside the most beautiful woman in your eyes, hold her hand, kiss her, without going beyond the limit of intimacy? think about it. It's really great that way. Romantic yet sensitive; sweet yet not too intimate."

Perhaps I've learn a lot from my previous relationships. And poop! why's it that I'm still single? :P

Thursday, June 9, 2011

The Entries that turned Yucky!

One late afternoon, I mean now of the a while ago (makes sense?), I  was reading updated blog entries of my co-bloggers here in blogger and in WP when suddenly a friend of mine... wait, I guess I miss some parts about the proper story... Let me think...  REWIND

Here we go, I just finished eating my lunch a while ago, (I don't think I can call that lunch because all I had was fork, not pork) and my friend Lycel called my name. She wanted me to see something on the computer interface, yes the monitor of course.

Little of the knowing she was reading some of my previous, old and rotten, blog entries here in blogger. To be specific, she was reading my entries during the time I still had my former illegal wife.

And I smiled at first, but later on, as she kept on reading some lines, I realized that she was teasing me because of the corny lines I wrote in those posts. And I just said "eewwwwww", and I wanted to tell them that I don't like the entries anymore, (Yes, them because another friend of mine came in and read the entries. There were two of them already and all I did was to smile), 

But the truth is that, I feel disgust and  'ewwneness' about the things I wrote.
Those entries are just so 'hopeless romantic' and it does not fit me anymore. :P

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The writer is the artist himself

Schools days are here again, and just the thought of it makes my stomach hurt. Obviously, it did because just a while ago I had LPM (Low Poopoo Movement) and I need to ask one my staffers to guard the Comfort Room's door because it is not working and I was afraid that someone might get in and see my Poo Poo going out.

The bad thing about school days is that, WORK IS ON. And I need to double time my working, that includes studying and editing/writing articles for the weekly paper. Studying? Yeah, right. Aside from having dates with Angle Locsin, Marian Rivera, and Tomb Raider's Lara Craft? I need to study a bit to pass my subjects. JUST TO PASS MY SUBJECTS because I have no plans of wearing latin honors medals voodoo bling blings in my neck during graduation.

Again, I am writing/editing for a weekly student publication, that's one of the three weekly student publication here in the Philippines (Philippine Collegian of the University of the Philippines, The Weekly Sillimanian of Silliman University, and The NORSUnian of the Negros Oriental State University. Wooohh!!! We Rock! and we also have a magazine, a literary folio, and an art folio, what else?)  

And just like what a friend of mine, who is working as an editor at Thomson Reuters, wrote in one of his blog entries: "The good thing about being and editor is that you get to have the chance of discovering new talents."

And I am hoping, that sooner or later, perhaps within the next few months, I will be able to discover new talents. I am very much excited to meet new staffers who will become good features writers.

Why I am saying this? prominent writers always say that good writers are features writers. All journalists can write News article but not features. Writing this one requires a wide range of vocabulary, creative imagination, and style.

Moreover, features writer are more likely to become good creative writers.

Features Writers/Creative Writers are ARTIST in the making.

The writer is the artist himself.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Kuto sa Lupa, at Exposure

Dahil wala akong gustong sabihin at dahil di ngayon gumagana ng tama ang utak ko ay asahan niyong wala kayong mababasang tama sa isusulat ko dito sa entry nato.

Na.enrol na ako. Sa wakas! Ilang araw din akong naka-upo at natutulog dito sa opisina habang hinihintay na yung mga papeles ko mismo ang maglakad patungong registrar para asikasuhin ang mga sarili nila. Pero malabo atang mangyari yun.

Napagtanto kung dapat na akong kumilos. Sayang naman ang paghihirap ng Nanay kung di ako mag-enrol. Malaking bagay para sakin ang enrollment, maliban nalang sa pagpasok sa klase.

Maliban sa enrollment ay aasahan ko na ako ay magiging pulgas sa mga taong di ako gusto. Magiging salot ako hanggang sila na mismo ang tumigil sa kaiisip sa akin. Magiging maanghang na sili ako sa mga singit nila.

May mga taong sadyang insecure. At ang tawag sa kanila ay mga BAKLA. Yung tipong gumagamit ng GLUTATHIONE para lang pumuti ang balat (HOPELESS). Yung tipong gagawin ang lahat para lang magmukhang korean (KAWAWA). Yung tipong tinatawag ang sarili nila na writer pero hindi naman marunong magsulat o mag-edit (Nakakahiya).

At ito pa, yung umaastang may gustong babae pero ang totoo ay lalaki naman talaga ang trip. Ano ba, ba't ang daming ganito sa mundo? buti nalang di ko kailangang bumili ng mga ka-cheapang MADE IN CHINA na mga damit para magmukhang katawa-tawang pulubi.

Pero natutuwa ako sa mga taong hunghang na katulad nila.

Pag may galit sakin. Nakakatuwa. Ang sarap ng feeling na alam mong may galit sayo kahit wala ka pang ginagawa. Ibig sabihin artistahin ka talaga. :P Kailangan ko na ata ng exposure oh.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Ang Diva ng Robinson

(She thought I was taking a picture of her, when after all it was a video.)

Ending the summer vacation with a karaoke session at World of Fun.

Bored again for the nth time around, me and my ugly friend, who can be seen in the video above this entry, went  anywhere just to make this recently concluded summer worthwhile.

My reason of posting this video is not because her video is worth posting here (HAHA), I'm just so tired right now that I can hardly type something here on the keyboard. I feel so "I don't know". Aside from the fact that I'm not yet enrolled, I just feel so bad that I want to eat anything, ANYTHING that is edible.

She, I think, is also edible because her arms are fleshy, so as her cheeks. Every time I look at her cheeks, I can sense Pork Chop, Hotdog Bun, or just simply burger patty.