Saturday, May 14, 2011

Marcos (a villainous leader), a heroic icon?

I was really taken aback if not pissed off, that Ferdinand Marcos, who was always been a murderer to me since I was in first grade, is now being considered by some dumb-headed politicians as one of the heroes in the country.
Well, though they did not literally mean of considering him as a hero, but burying him in the Libingan ng mga Bayani goes insanely the same as comparing him to Rizal along with other ‘real’ heroes of this country.
People, in facebook, blogs, and other social media sites, are arguing if this plan of the government is good enough or will result for a better image of the country after it was enslaved by its own ruler.
How ironic, that after being oppressed and enslaved by their own leader, some young Filipinos are still insisting of him becoming a hero or perhaps, someone who is lesser of the monster image that his regime instilled in the minds of his fellowmen.
They said “what he did was for the betterment of the country and to situate the Philippines in the number one spot in Asia in terms of economy, industrialization, and tourism.”
They said “During the old times, milk was free, food was cheap, almost all the necessary goods were attainable by the poor masses.”
That’s good. I mean, if that was the real situation of the country before then saying ‘good’ is just an understatement.
But the thing is, the money that was invested which helped the country’s economy to bloom once in a while was borrowed from international banks, and foreign funds.That’s why there were free milk, flour, etc.
Worse case is that, the entire amount that was borrowed did not fully sponsor the Philippine economy, hence, it was used to create an Empire of which Marcos himself was hailed king.
He bought mansions. He hired personal body guards. He hired mercenaries to kill anyone who opposed him. He bought his wife a BILLION-worth jewelries, 5,000 pairs of shoes, expensive designer’s clothes. He made Imelda queen, and he was King in the making.
He killed 10,000 civilians whose wants were just a puny of freedom, and an ounce of democracy. He was a murderer, not a king; a monster, not a rule;  a dictator, not a parliamentarian.
He does not deserve to be buried in a sacred place such as the Libingan ng mga Bayani. He does not deserve to be buried in the holy soil of this democratic land either. His ashes do not have a space in this country.

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