Wednesday, May 25, 2011


I suppose to post an entry here about my teacher who gave me chocolates this morning because I was on time in his class (I was not late in class anymore). I suppose to write about him being the kindest teacher I ever had.

That he is a foreigner and it's kinda mind-boggling, if not unexpected, that a teacher who doesn't have the same color as my skin is kinder than the rest of my teachers combined together here in school.

And that, when he dismisses the class, he always wants us to smile and say goodbye to him. It's like we're still kindergarten students having class in a college class room.

So much I want to say more about my class this summer, I can't. Every time I think about my INC. That INC. My face seems to lose its cuteness.

Anyways, I'm still very optimistic that I'll get enrolled soon after my class ends.

But I just want to say "Rest in Peace Sojor."

That's for making my enrollment miserable this year. Why did you impose that policy so early this semester without prior notice to the public? Why do we need your signature to get enrolled when in fact it's just an INC.

INC. Incomplete. It means that I was not able to comply all my requirements to my teacher, thus, she gave me an INC. But that does not mean I failed. I just need to comply with my unattended duties in this subject that I took last semester.

Please. I need that scholarship. I don't want to disappoint my mom.

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