Friday, April 8, 2011

The Cute and The Maot...

The Cute. You know this guy? his mama called him cute
so he is conceited that he is cute. Period.

Boredom and Insanity, these two words are somehow related to each other. When a person is bored, the existence of the tiniest sanity in his mind fades away in a fraction of a time. It’s not that he is really losing it. He just wanted to. He allowed himself to lose his own sanity for a brief period of time. All of it just for the sake of what-they-so-called FUN and ADVENTURE.
 I was messing around the keyboard while facebooking one early evening here in the office when suddenly a friend of mine asked me out for dinner. She said she was bored. I can relate to her situation simply because I was terribly bored too. I have been spending so much nonsense time here in the office and in my room.
The Super Maot. I need to take note that she is not my girlfriend, the same way she did in her photo album in Facebook. Toinks. She is so mean. She called me Pet.

Along the highway, somewhere in San Jose.

At Bais City Hall.

While eating chotosilog at habhaban, we shared talks about how bored our lives were these past few days. She wakes up, watches movies,and  sleeps at bed, which is obviously her only routine day by day. That made her so maot (In english, maot means ugly). She is the queen of the super maot people out there.
I finally knew how bored she was when I asked her, “How about if mangadto tag Bais this 1AM?”
“Unsa?” she asked me in a surprised manner. I mean, I did not know what was really her initial reaction when I said that one. Half of her face was the product of amazement and half of it was excitement. “Hala, sige ay. Makalaag najud ko ani.”
I need to take note that we ate four serves of rice. Hers were three, mine was only one since I’m currently dieting. She’s a monster eater actually.
Since I wasn’t able to write for a week already, I’ll gonna make this entry filled with nonsense thoughts. I’m sorry for I will not make this entry a detailed one.
I kicked the starter and twisted the throttle at first gear.
We talked while I was driving since I did not want to bore her on the way. It will make her ugly.
We had a stop over at every municipality along the way. She was almost bitten by dogs at Amlan. (Sayang!)
We took pictures at Bais. Walked at the green soccer field. Silence filled the atmosphere.
Past love stories were some of the topics we talked.
We went to the market to eat bodbod and painit.
We had talks with the carenderia owner regarding the children being kidnapped and were returned with empty vital organs.
We went home afterwards. The end.

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