Thursday, March 3, 2011


Zombie... Well, I'm not here at this very late at night just to say nonsense about zombie movies. Wait, I don't even think that this time is 'night' because it's already 4 AM. My friends often call this "morning the night".

I am writing so much about my paper. This is related to my English Subject and I need to impress my OLD SMELLY teacher or else she'll gonna fail me.

I hate cramming. You know, staying awake all night til morning just because you need to finish something due to deadline.

But this is life, some things should be done at 'deadline'. People always have this slow-motion-enlightenment-syndrome in which they tend to anticipate what's gonna happen next upon doing nothing. They tend to think that all things will be at their proper places at the right time. And that 'right time' means 'LATE'.

Now, talking about the zombie thing. I've heard it from my friend. Well, she's not really my friend. I mean, I just don't want to be friends with her. I want more than that. :) wee

Zombies are those people who stay awake at night. In other words, sleeping is the last option. So, I'm happy to be here in zombielandia.

To my avid readers, sorry I can't post something interesting today. Maybe next time.
I am happy that some you guys are sending me messages in Facebook. It just felt so right that some people know how to categorized blog posts.

Would like you to know, that this blog is enlisted in the Humor Category.
It's the category for blogs who have nonsense posts but very interesting to read. (Funny, and entertaining).

Next time. I'll write something about hmmm... HEARTS...

Good morning! ( Wow. I wrote this in just 10mins though I'm sleepy. I'm really a zombie)


  1. ..haha...i know who gave you the idea of this whole "zombie" thing..hmmm...anyway, ganyan tlaga pag student have to stay up late and make the night, morning :)

  2. Sino? Hindi ko kilala ang pinagsasabi mo ha...hahaha.. denial eh? Ganahan nakong mu-graduate. (Super late na reply.)

  3. Ha? di ko ata kilala ang tinutukoy mo eh...haha...Denial? Ganahan nakong mu-graduate para dili nako kakita aning mga nawong sa TN.


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