Wednesday, March 23, 2011

To the person who doesn't know Journalism.

Forgive me if I'll going to burst your bubble with this post. Believe me, that is really my intention. I didn't mind to put your picture here because it is a waste of space. It'll just make my page topsy-turvy.

As stunned as you were when you read our school paper is not far from my reaction when I have read yours. (Well, should I include that aside from the fact that the lay-out of your blog site sucks and your entries stink)
I couldn't really get your point. Well, if you have a point, it is too shallow.It is too shallow because you do not know what JOURNALISM really is.

I was saddened with the fact that you criticize our paper through the placement of articles and not by its content.  I was surprised that you said we do not have proper manners and we do not respect the president. Mind you, if you are not mongo-minded, we are journalists. WE JUST DELIVER THE NEWS.

But then again, you do not know this because you are not a journalist. I understand you.
The next time you say something bad about us. Make sure your arguments are good enough.

Before I forgot, you may want to read this blog. He has a lot to say. Good Luck!

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