Saturday, March 5, 2011

She made me smile...

I texted her this morning... NO reply

I texted her again later in the afternoon... NO reply

It felt like dying. I thought I was just, again, this girl's 'for the meantime guy'.

After school I went back home. Slept for a while. Well, I couldn't call it 'home'. I'm just renting a two-boy room near the university.

Went to church afterwards, just to remind myself that I am, and will always be, human slash devil.

But really, I've been thinking about that eyeglasses-braces-wearing-genius-type cutie from the other end of Negros.

We supposed to have this 'interconnection'. But earlier today, it seems like its not there anymore.

10PM... I got a message...

"Hey. Sorry talaga. I've checked my globe just now. di ako nakapa.unli eh. Unli ka pa ba bukas? magpapa.unli nalang ako bukas kung unli ka pa para makabawi ako sayo. Sorry. This is my sun no#. gudnayt, godbless. OL pala ako ngayon sa FB"

That made me smile. :) :) :)

Oh shit. I sounded like a MORON. But I really did smile because of this.

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