Friday, March 25, 2011

The NORSUnian Editorial Board 2011-2012

Later this afternoon, a new set of Editorial Board was elected to lead one of the only five weekly student publications in the Philippines, The NORSUnian.(The Official Weekly Student Publication of the Negros Oriental State University System).

This batch will surely make a change not just to the publication itself but, also to the whole NORSU community as well.

It is our time to make a change. I've been waiting for this part of being a student journalist and I, together with the rest of the editors, will make our stay, as the higher Eds, worthwhile.

                                       The Editor-In-Chief. I forgot everything.

Rolyn Jane Catanus, Associate Editor. Junior BS Education student . 18 years old. She has the best editing skills of us all. Her heart is currently on the 'healing mode' right now so I understand her emos. She is a good leader though sometimes she is stoic. She listens when we have something to share, and we listen when she speaks.
Rina Marie Rubia, News Editor. She is a BS Senior Information Technology. 19 years old. She believes that she is still a 'baby rina' though it is very apparent that she is old enough to be called a 'baby'. She is the only remaining News Ed. here in the publication so we need her badly. When you talk to her be sure she's near to you. You might not hear her very well. Just a piece of advice. :)

Ryan "Soulhunted" Gantalao, Features Editor. Junior BS Geology Student. 19 years old. He is the only sports writer here in the publication so he needs to write sports articles still. He talks trash most of the time and the new writers are kinda afraid of him though he didn't mean it(He thinks so). His brutal words and principles, though sounding stupid, are always right. The reason why many staff no longer had the courage to oppose whatever he says.

Lycel Caingcoy, Managing Editor. Junior BS Business Administration student. 18 years old. She is a bubbly member of the new Ed. Board. She always gives a smile every time she sees anyone in the pub. It is also very apparent that she is very much in love with poport. (sounds potpot). She handles the business section of the pub. She's good with MONEY.

Cherry Sanchez, Assistant Managing Editor. Sophomore BS Mass Communication student. 17 years old. A new addition to the Ed. Board. This young gal will assist the Man. Ed. to any transactions that include money, and money. She was my second nominee as the Assist. Man. Ed. since I voted for percy jackson the big because I was sure that she'll win. She doesn't need my vote anymore. She is also bubbly and bingkadora.


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  2. i so hate my photo here...nganung kani man imung gibutang?...huhu..

  3. It's nice man...It's like you are knocking a magic door or something... :) hehe...

  4. It's nice man...It's like you are knocking a magic door or something... :) hehe...


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