Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Helow... :)

Hello to my new blog readers. I am happy to know that, after 2 years of writing interesting blog entries here in the Blogosphere, I was able to generate a couple of readers that send me messages in Facebook and drop comments in my chatbox.

I guess, the reasons why they like my blog are because the entries here are interesting and that I don’t usually write my daily experiences but I write to what I think will connect me to the minds of readers.

I write stupid Tagalog entries here that are somehow funny.

I do not write for my own but I write for the entertainment of my readers.
Something that could make them giggle or just smirk.

That is because this blog belongs to the Humor Category.

I often write love related posts which are somehow CORNY.

The page of this blogsite is really nice. Plain white and cool to the eyes. No complex colors.
Here I go, I do not know what to write. Should I add that there were many bad things happened lately that I could no longer share to this blog.

But as I opened this blog, I saw my fellow bloggers, who are Filipino, commending my stupid entries. THANK YOU
Well, I should get going. I should let my readers know why I was not able to post any interesting entries lately.
The webpage people here in the publication are kinda having problems regarding the 
networking settings. In other words, the internet connection is ON and OFF mode.

 I wrote a 16-page short story for our Annual Literary Folio.

I checked my pending short story which has editor’s comments.

I wrote a sports news. Writing for a weekly publication demands some of your precious time.

I was busy with my academic life. That means I was busy failing my subjects.

I got sick. I got fever. Sore throat. Cough. Clogged nose.  Headache.

I was writing another story. And because I was so sick, I lost my willingness to jut down my ideas. (Still in my head)

Well, I am back. :)

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