Wednesday, March 23, 2011

A Big loss


Negros Oriental State University (NORSU) president Henry A. Sojor

The whole Negros Oriental State University (NORSU) community was enveloped in a state of melancholy after the university president was found guilty of nepotism by the Civil Service Commission (CSC). The NORSU administration, faculty and staff, and the rest of the student body was saddened with the news that struck like a storm not just here in the university but in the entire Negros Oriental as well.

From the order announced by the Civil Service Commission earlier in February this year, Dr. Sojor  violated the law of Nepotism as provided for under Sec. 59, Subtitle A, Title I, Book V of the Administrative Code (E O. 292) when he appointed his half sister, Mrs. Estrella Sojor-Mananquil, as casual clerk of this State College [CVPC] as per ROPA.
The decision also ordered the forfeiture of his retirement benefits, disqualifying him from re-employment in the government service, barring him from taking any civil service examination, and seizure of eligibility. However, despite the decision of the CSC, the president remained calm and rebutted the accusation, with ease.

To many, the decision is a threat to the future development of NORSU. He is considered a big loss and many students are starting to wonder what might happen to the university if he is indeed removed. For 20 years, the president led the university with utmost care and dedication, resulting to numerous, laudable and commendable achievement. 

On June 25, 2004, under the leadership of Sojor, Central Visayas Polytechnic University (CVPC) was converted to NORSU after he defended the university’s transformation in the senate, saying that the students from this institution “should not be denied of a university life.” He was elected president of the Association of Higher Education Institutions in Region VII (AHEIR VII) twice. And this school year 2010-2011, towering infrastructures were built in the university, a sign that NORSU is harnessing a tremendous development under his spearhead.

Because of the aforementioned success during his leadership, it would be aberrant that Sojor would be removed. He was considered an educational icon, worthy of other people’s respect. 

However, the decision has been made, although it is not yet final and executory, since the president has still other legal options according to his lawyers, such as filing a motion for reconsideration and even bringing the case before the Supreme Court.

But in the meantime, it is evident in the eyes of the CSC that he committed a mistake.

 “No one is above the law.” Though we might be averse with the decision of the CSC, we cannot defy the law of our nation. He has to face the consequences of his actions.

Regardless of the bad news, majority of the NORSU community remained intact and faithful to the man who served them for almost half of his career. All we can do at this time is to cross our fingers and pray hard that our university president will hurdle the present crossroads of his life.

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