Friday, March 25, 2011

The NORSUnian Editorial Board 2011-2012

Later this afternoon, a new set of Editorial Board was elected to lead one of the only five weekly student publications in the Philippines, The NORSUnian.(The Official Weekly Student Publication of the Negros Oriental State University System).

This batch will surely make a change not just to the publication itself but, also to the whole NORSU community as well.

It is our time to make a change. I've been waiting for this part of being a student journalist and I, together with the rest of the editors, will make our stay, as the higher Eds, worthwhile.

                                       The Editor-In-Chief. I forgot everything.

Rolyn Jane Catanus, Associate Editor. Junior BS Education student . 18 years old. She has the best editing skills of us all. Her heart is currently on the 'healing mode' right now so I understand her emos. She is a good leader though sometimes she is stoic. She listens when we have something to share, and we listen when she speaks.
Rina Marie Rubia, News Editor. She is a BS Senior Information Technology. 19 years old. She believes that she is still a 'baby rina' though it is very apparent that she is old enough to be called a 'baby'. She is the only remaining News Ed. here in the publication so we need her badly. When you talk to her be sure she's near to you. You might not hear her very well. Just a piece of advice. :)

Ryan "Soulhunted" Gantalao, Features Editor. Junior BS Geology Student. 19 years old. He is the only sports writer here in the publication so he needs to write sports articles still. He talks trash most of the time and the new writers are kinda afraid of him though he didn't mean it(He thinks so). His brutal words and principles, though sounding stupid, are always right. The reason why many staff no longer had the courage to oppose whatever he says.

Lycel Caingcoy, Managing Editor. Junior BS Business Administration student. 18 years old. She is a bubbly member of the new Ed. Board. She always gives a smile every time she sees anyone in the pub. It is also very apparent that she is very much in love with poport. (sounds potpot). She handles the business section of the pub. She's good with MONEY.

Cherry Sanchez, Assistant Managing Editor. Sophomore BS Mass Communication student. 17 years old. A new addition to the Ed. Board. This young gal will assist the Man. Ed. to any transactions that include money, and money. She was my second nominee as the Assist. Man. Ed. since I voted for percy jackson the big because I was sure that she'll win. She doesn't need my vote anymore. She is also bubbly and bingkadora.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Helow... :)

Hello to my new blog readers. I am happy to know that, after 2 years of writing interesting blog entries here in the Blogosphere, I was able to generate a couple of readers that send me messages in Facebook and drop comments in my chatbox.

I guess, the reasons why they like my blog are because the entries here are interesting and that I don’t usually write my daily experiences but I write to what I think will connect me to the minds of readers.

I write stupid Tagalog entries here that are somehow funny.

I do not write for my own but I write for the entertainment of my readers.
Something that could make them giggle or just smirk.

That is because this blog belongs to the Humor Category.

I often write love related posts which are somehow CORNY.

The page of this blogsite is really nice. Plain white and cool to the eyes. No complex colors.
Here I go, I do not know what to write. Should I add that there were many bad things happened lately that I could no longer share to this blog.

But as I opened this blog, I saw my fellow bloggers, who are Filipino, commending my stupid entries. THANK YOU
Well, I should get going. I should let my readers know why I was not able to post any interesting entries lately.
The webpage people here in the publication are kinda having problems regarding the 
networking settings. In other words, the internet connection is ON and OFF mode.

 I wrote a 16-page short story for our Annual Literary Folio.

I checked my pending short story which has editor’s comments.

I wrote a sports news. Writing for a weekly publication demands some of your precious time.

I was busy with my academic life. That means I was busy failing my subjects.

I got sick. I got fever. Sore throat. Cough. Clogged nose.  Headache.

I was writing another story. And because I was so sick, I lost my willingness to jut down my ideas. (Still in my head)

Well, I am back. :)

To the person who doesn't know Journalism.

Forgive me if I'll going to burst your bubble with this post. Believe me, that is really my intention. I didn't mind to put your picture here because it is a waste of space. It'll just make my page topsy-turvy.

As stunned as you were when you read our school paper is not far from my reaction when I have read yours. (Well, should I include that aside from the fact that the lay-out of your blog site sucks and your entries stink)
I couldn't really get your point. Well, if you have a point, it is too shallow.It is too shallow because you do not know what JOURNALISM really is.

I was saddened with the fact that you criticize our paper through the placement of articles and not by its content.  I was surprised that you said we do not have proper manners and we do not respect the president. Mind you, if you are not mongo-minded, we are journalists. WE JUST DELIVER THE NEWS.

But then again, you do not know this because you are not a journalist. I understand you.
The next time you say something bad about us. Make sure your arguments are good enough.

Before I forgot, you may want to read this blog. He has a lot to say. Good Luck!

A Big loss


Negros Oriental State University (NORSU) president Henry A. Sojor

The whole Negros Oriental State University (NORSU) community was enveloped in a state of melancholy after the university president was found guilty of nepotism by the Civil Service Commission (CSC). The NORSU administration, faculty and staff, and the rest of the student body was saddened with the news that struck like a storm not just here in the university but in the entire Negros Oriental as well.

From the order announced by the Civil Service Commission earlier in February this year, Dr. Sojor  violated the law of Nepotism as provided for under Sec. 59, Subtitle A, Title I, Book V of the Administrative Code (E O. 292) when he appointed his half sister, Mrs. Estrella Sojor-Mananquil, as casual clerk of this State College [CVPC] as per ROPA.
The decision also ordered the forfeiture of his retirement benefits, disqualifying him from re-employment in the government service, barring him from taking any civil service examination, and seizure of eligibility. However, despite the decision of the CSC, the president remained calm and rebutted the accusation, with ease.

To many, the decision is a threat to the future development of NORSU. He is considered a big loss and many students are starting to wonder what might happen to the university if he is indeed removed. For 20 years, the president led the university with utmost care and dedication, resulting to numerous, laudable and commendable achievement. 

On June 25, 2004, under the leadership of Sojor, Central Visayas Polytechnic University (CVPC) was converted to NORSU after he defended the university’s transformation in the senate, saying that the students from this institution “should not be denied of a university life.” He was elected president of the Association of Higher Education Institutions in Region VII (AHEIR VII) twice. And this school year 2010-2011, towering infrastructures were built in the university, a sign that NORSU is harnessing a tremendous development under his spearhead.

Because of the aforementioned success during his leadership, it would be aberrant that Sojor would be removed. He was considered an educational icon, worthy of other people’s respect. 

However, the decision has been made, although it is not yet final and executory, since the president has still other legal options according to his lawyers, such as filing a motion for reconsideration and even bringing the case before the Supreme Court.

But in the meantime, it is evident in the eyes of the CSC that he committed a mistake.

 “No one is above the law.” Though we might be averse with the decision of the CSC, we cannot defy the law of our nation. He has to face the consequences of his actions.

Regardless of the bad news, majority of the NORSU community remained intact and faithful to the man who served them for almost half of his career. All we can do at this time is to cross our fingers and pray hard that our university president will hurdle the present crossroads of his life.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

'for the meantime' guy

This is a tale of two different people—a native Oriental Negrense who speaks Cebuano and a girl who hails from the other end of the Negros Island, Bacolod. 

My friends often call me “for-the-meantime guy” because being committed to someone was never part of my plan, at least, for the meantime. It’s either I was the one not serious, or the girl would leave me for another guy. Then, I met this girl—this girl that changed my love perception. But again, it happened just for the meantime. 

I woke up early Friday morning, February 4, 2011, in a room that was somehow n ot new to me. It was huge enough to run around, and there were almost 40 bed spaces, enough to cater a group of journalists coming from the different parts of the country to vye for the National Awards. 

A girl opened the door. That was the second time someone came in to wake us up. I gritted my teeth for I still wanted to sleep. 

“Good morning. Hi! The lecture will start in a few minutes. The speaker is waiting in the hall na. Breakfast will be served there as well,” she said. 

I cannot help but notice her. I stood up and asked her where Hall 3 is but by the looks of it, she did not understand any of my words. 

“Ay sorry.” My ego kept on reminding me. Tagalog! Tagalog! Tagalog! “Oo nga pala. Di mo ako maintindihan. Saan ba yu’ng Hall 3?” 
She gave the directions and added, “Faster lang kamo ha ‘coz the lecture will start in a while.” 

There’s nothing much to tell. Three full days did we listen to lectures about journalism and advocacy writing. It was boring indeed, but worth listening. It was the best journalism seminar I have ever attended. I listened carefully to all the important matters with regards to writing and photojournalism. 

On the second night of the 3-day seminar was the Fellowship Night. Everyone was busy preparing with the acquaintance party but I did not do much for myself. I just threw in an Ego white long sleeve, Lee dark pants, and a Rusty Lopez black shoes—an ordinary semi-formal attire. 

During the party, all I thought of was food, preoccupying myself with what I was doing. As the night continued to swarm its cryptic hue in the skies, the people moved outside to have a gasp of the place’s ambiance. My co-staffers and I remained, taking as many pictures as we could. 

Suddenly, I heard a lovely voice aback. “You set it again, my heart’s in motion. Every word feels like a shooting star. I’m at the edge of my emotions, watching the shadows burning in the dark. And I’m in love. And I’m terrified…” It sounded just like Katherine McPhee, a voice that could soften and fetch a lonely man’s heart with joy. 

She was the one singing, the one who woke me up that morning. Who would think that the girl who was wearing eyeglasses and braces could sing as beautiful as that? 

After the party, we went for a pre-tour around downtown Bacolod. It was the Bacolodiat, a celebration for the Chinese New Year. 

I felt sad upon seeing the rest of my colleagues from The NORSunian enjoying with their new found friends from La Salle, Far Eastern University and La Union. Why did I not have a close friend? 

Someone seemed to have figured out my emotion that time for after a while, that someone drew me near and asked me, “First time mo dito sa Bacolod?” 

I nodded, getting jitters on my nerves. 

“I’m Celine by the way,” she said with a lovely smile in her face. I learned that the girl who ruined my sleep this morning and who sang the song “Terrified” was the Editor-in-Chief of St. La Salle’s The Spectrum. And now, she’s talking to me. 

“I’m Ryan,” I said, giving her my best smile. She was low-profiled and humble. Being with her, I did not feel that I was talking to an EIC but to an ordinary girl. However, it was apparent that she had made a lot of contributions to their Media Corps. 

At that moment, I did not care anymore whether my co-staffers were lost or they would leave me behind. All I knew was that as long as I was with her, I was safe, literally. 

Going back to our quarters was never a part of my plan. I wanted to chat some more with her, walk with her, and know her more. I thought of not going back to Dumaguete anymore. I was crazy for the meantime. 

Three o’clock that morning, I found myself hanging out in their office. Feeling cold and too sleepy, I still made use of the remaining time to find reasons to be with her. 

“Hey, I’m sorry. I really can’t entertain you properly. I’m still busy,” she said in a cute Hiligaynon accent. I was entertained by that. Looking at her while she’s talking was definitely enchanting. It was cute of her. 

“No. It’s okay. I understand,” I said while I released my right hand from playing over her hair. “I have to go.” 

Twelve noon the next day, we walked along the reception hall after lunch, heading upstairs to pack my things up. 

“Hey,” I said. “I hope I can see you again some other time.” 

She smiled and met my gaze. “Yah…Goodbye…Text text lang tayo.” 

With a faint heart, I finally said goodbye. I followed her with my eyes while she made her way out, remembering every inch of her. 

Right now, we are maintaining a different kind of relationship—more than friendship but less than romantic, something mutual maybe. Long distance relationship might sound ridiculous these days. But one thing is for sure. She may be too far away but she’s so close to my heart. I may not see her every day but I have a feeling that somewhere, somehow, we will meet again.

She made me smile...

I texted her this morning... NO reply

I texted her again later in the afternoon... NO reply

It felt like dying. I thought I was just, again, this girl's 'for the meantime guy'.

After school I went back home. Slept for a while. Well, I couldn't call it 'home'. I'm just renting a two-boy room near the university.

Went to church afterwards, just to remind myself that I am, and will always be, human slash devil.

But really, I've been thinking about that eyeglasses-braces-wearing-genius-type cutie from the other end of Negros.

We supposed to have this 'interconnection'. But earlier today, it seems like its not there anymore.

10PM... I got a message...

"Hey. Sorry talaga. I've checked my globe just now. di ako nakapa.unli eh. Unli ka pa ba bukas? magpapa.unli nalang ako bukas kung unli ka pa para makabawi ako sayo. Sorry. This is my sun no#. gudnayt, godbless. OL pala ako ngayon sa FB"

That made me smile. :) :) :)

Oh shit. I sounded like a MORON. But I really did smile because of this.

Thursday, March 3, 2011


Zombie... Well, I'm not here at this very late at night just to say nonsense about zombie movies. Wait, I don't even think that this time is 'night' because it's already 4 AM. My friends often call this "morning the night".

I am writing so much about my paper. This is related to my English Subject and I need to impress my OLD SMELLY teacher or else she'll gonna fail me.

I hate cramming. You know, staying awake all night til morning just because you need to finish something due to deadline.

But this is life, some things should be done at 'deadline'. People always have this slow-motion-enlightenment-syndrome in which they tend to anticipate what's gonna happen next upon doing nothing. They tend to think that all things will be at their proper places at the right time. And that 'right time' means 'LATE'.

Now, talking about the zombie thing. I've heard it from my friend. Well, she's not really my friend. I mean, I just don't want to be friends with her. I want more than that. :) wee

Zombies are those people who stay awake at night. In other words, sleeping is the last option. So, I'm happy to be here in zombielandia.

To my avid readers, sorry I can't post something interesting today. Maybe next time.
I am happy that some you guys are sending me messages in Facebook. It just felt so right that some people know how to categorized blog posts.

Would like you to know, that this blog is enlisted in the Humor Category.
It's the category for blogs who have nonsense posts but very interesting to read. (Funny, and entertaining).

Next time. I'll write something about hmmm... HEARTS...

Good morning! ( Wow. I wrote this in just 10mins though I'm sleepy. I'm really a zombie)