Thursday, February 10, 2011

An article for a Cap.. (Sports Column)

A few years ago, a pair of Filipinos dominated the world of badminton (Mix doubles) in the Philippine-ASEAN Games.

Kennevic Asuncion and Kenny Asuncion scored a lopsided victory over powerhouse Indonesia and the rest of the participating countries in the said event. As an avid fan of the game and a varsity player, I saw in the Asuncions’ triumph insights and a deep sense of realization that Filipino smashers cannot just only excel in our country but can also threw swift attacks and superb smashes against other alien racqueters. 

The Asuncion twins defeated powerhouse China's world no#. 11 during the 2007 Yonex-Accel Open here in the Philippines, giving the foreign invaders a far-to-squeaker-score gap in the three-set game.

This shows that Filipino athletes, if given a chance and full-throttle support from the government, can dominate in every corner of the sports world.

( I can no longer remember the exact article I wrote. But it was something like this. Some words might be gone. hehe :) )

Note: I won a New NBA Spurs Adidas Cap from PBA Commentator and the famed Sports Journalist Joaquin Henson.

Excerpt of this article was published in National Newspaper, the Philippine Star. Philippine Start! just Philippine Star! My ged...

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  1. chareng....the cap looked almost similar to that of what you received...buti may pangalan na 'to "san antonio spurs" hihi


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