Saturday, February 26, 2011

Kung lahat ng TAO ay TOTOO..

Kung lahat ng tao sa mundo ay totoo, kung lahat ng tao sa mundo ay hindi marunong magsinungaling, kung lahat ng tao sa mundo ay hindi kayang mag-sekreto, kung lahat ng tao sa mundo ay walang itinatago.


Isipin mo na lang kung isang araw ay pumasok ka sa paaralan niyo. At nasa frontliner ka tapos pumasok  titser mo.

Nang sinimulan na nya ang klase ay kumuha siya ng libro at itinaas ang kamay niya. Tapos biglang may kakaibang PUTOK.

Hindi lang yun. Nang magsimula na siyang magklase ay tila may kakaibang Showering na lumalabas sa bibig niya. Hindi naman umuulan. At lalong hindi invisible ang kisame sa tubig.

Tapos sasabihin mo "Sir, walang hiya ka. Maligo ka naman. Ang baho na ng katawan mo. Dahan dahan ka naman magsalita kasi ang baho ng laway mo"

Isipin mo nalang kung ito yung sinabi mo sa titser mo. Makakapasa kapa kaya?

Paano kung isang araw tinanong ka ng girlfriend mo.

"Love, okay lang ba ang make-up ko?"

At alam na alam mo na sa sarili mo ay nagmumukha talaga siyang bakla dahil ang kapal kapal ng make-up at lipstick niya.

"Ang pangit mo! Para kang bakla"

Isipin mo nalang kung ito yung sinagot mo, mahal ka parin kaya nya?

Paano kung nakita mo ang kaibigan mo ng nangupit ng pera sa isa mo pang kaibigan. Pero alam mo namang kailangan nya ng pera kasi may sakit nanay niya, at walang trabaho tatay niya. Alam mong mabait siya at nagawa lang niya yun dahil kailangan talaga.

Sasabihin mo ba sa titser mo na siya ang kumuha? Gusto mo bang ma.blacklist siya at ma.kick out sa school? 

Hindi naman siguro.

Minsan, ang buhay ay hindi TOTOO. Minsan punong puno ito ng kasinungalingan. Minsan may mga kasinungalingan na nagpapabuti para sa kapayapaan.

At kahit ilang beses mo pang humiling na sana ay Lahat ng Tao ay totoo, hindi yun mangyayari.

Dahil kung ang lahat ng tao ay TOTOO, walang KATOTOHANAN.

Dahil kung ang lahat ng tao ay MABUBUTI, walang KABUTIHAN.

Dahil kung lahat ng tao marunong MAGMAHAL, walang PAG-IBIG.

Nakuha mo? Alam kung hindi.

Ito nalang. Kung ang lahat ng UWAK ay ITIM, saan ang ITIM?

kung ang lahat ng TAO ay magaganda, sino pa ang MISS UNIVERSE?

Kung ang lahat ng TAO ay mayayaman, sino pa ang MAYAMAN?

Sana nakuha mo punto ko. :)

Taking it to the next level

By Ryan E. Gantalao

“Between men and women, there is no friendship possible. There is passion, enmity, worship, love…but no friendship.”

Some say that best friends are also the best lovers. When two people started as friends in the initial stage of their platonic relationship, they get to know each other better in a much more significant level, something that is far from mere physical attraction.

Friendship has a bigger possibility of developing into something special but the question is, how will it get there? How will you tell your friend that you no longer feel the same way as before, and that you want the both of you to be more than just friends? 

If you are in this situation, it must have taken you a long time of hard thinking—thinking on how to approach him/her personally and giving the right explanation for the changes that took place in the most unexpected time without freaking him/her and rejecting you as a friend. At some point, you probably have decided to just keep the feelings because you believe that eventually, the love that you feel for him/her will just fade away.

But like any other scenarios in telenovelas and romantic movies, the more you hide and resist the love you feel for someone, the more it grows stronger.

And in reality, because of these feelings, unusual things might take place. You might not want to look at his/her eyes anymore because it will make your heart skip a beat. You may not want to hold his/her hands or touch his/her skin anymore because it might lead into a different feeling of excitement for you. 

For sure, you do not want this to happen. But if you will remain weak and coward, he/she will be gone not because he/she does not like you anymore but because you were never true to yourself.

Say it!

Be sure about your feelings. The very first thing you need to do is to evaluate your feelings and figure out where they come from. It is very significant that you should understand why your feelings for your friend changed and deepened.

You need to consider the possibilities that what you feel are just a product of misled emotions. Maybe you just have felt extreme loneliness and he/she was there when you needed someone to talk to, or maybe you have a problem with your current girlfriend or boyfriend and your friend was there to give you a shoulder to cry on. Again, it is very important that you ask all these things to yourself so that you will be sure about your feelings towards that special person. 

Have a heart-to-heart talk. When you are already sure about your feelings, the next thing to do is to talk about it with your friend. This is true for two friends who both feel something more than just friendship. If you share the same feeling, the latter would become probable because talking about it will no longer be hard and embarrassing. Saying to him/her how it started will be much easier this time because he/she feels the same 

The hard part is when you do not know how your friend feels towards you. For sure, you will find it hard to bring up the subject because you are afraid of rejection. Mind you, if you continue to hold your feelings for a longer period of time, the more awkward things would become. These include the changes between your usual communication for each other, and your common approach to him/her every day. In this case, there is no other 
best thing to do than to honestly tell your friend what you feel for him/her.

Be ready to accept the consequences. Your friend might not share the same way as you feel for him/her. And when that happens, it would be a little bit embarrassing so you need to carefully sequence all the right things you need to do.

Before you start the conversation, make sure that you are prepared for it and that you already listed out the things that you want to say. Tell him/her to not panic about what you are going to say. Tell him/her to listen carefully and be open-minded about it. But if he/she is really your true friend, he/she will understand you and the two of you will get through it. The result of your emotional sharing will make you feel better, whether taking up your relationship to the next level is the right choice or not.

However, when he/she says no, do not feel bad about it. Maybe he/she really loves you and cares for you a lot but only as a friend. Understand him/her and tell him/her that it is fine with you though you are hurt at some instance. Tell him/her that you can still be his/her friend. 

Retain the friendship that you once had and start a new life. This may sound hard because the feelings are still with you. But because you want the best for him/her then you just need to accept the fact that not all the things you want are hand-reach. Sometimes you need to let go of these things, and wait for the right time to have these things finally yours. 

Enjoy his/her company for the meantime. Take pleasure in the benefits that you can get from your friendship. Start diverting your attention to someone else so that you will not dwell in the past. Who knows? She/he might change his/her mind, and eventually fall for you at the right time.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

A Reminder for this MORON...

I promised myself to stay quiet and never oppose again the decisions of the Board.

But I just need to remind this piece of shit his position in the Publication.

This is my Valentines Gift for you. Sorry because this is late.

I read a note early this morning saying that:

“If you do not have any knowledge with this matter then better SHUT UP. You disgust me. I’m sick of hearing your comments and suggestions. If you DARE me, then PREPARE yourself”.

You ruined my day. I can’t believe than you can post something as CHEAP as this in our office’s white board. Well, you are CHEAP. That’s no longer a question.

You are trying to impose fear in everyone in the office including the editors. But I think you already have forgotten that I still exist. You moron.

Our TOP EDITORS in the publication before did not even post something as offensive and blasphemous as that one.

Junrell did not act like this when infact he’s just too skillful than you are. Marvin, Nadine, Arianne, and Joel, all of them. They were humble and just. They do not think of themselves as GOD.

But you? You are just so impossible.

You cannot even edit well, because if you were, you must have known the right spelling of “ACCESSIBLE”.


That’s just Bullshit. Eat shit and Die.

Mind you, Dinopol can even cite which one is a good lay-outing of the paper. And now you are saying that “WE DON'T HAVE ENOUGH KNOWLEDGE WITH THIS MATTER” ?

Me, who doesn’t have any art in life and who can only draw human sticks, even knows that our latest issue is a piece of junk. YOU RUINED OUR PAPER.

If you are so good in lay-outing, then why is your work a junk?

You even blame Rolyn when you got all the glitches in your work. Why? You were there! Don’t you have a common sense? Don’t you know that the headlines of the front page were all bold and as big as your eyes and not proper?

Don’t you know how to spell “ACCESSIBLE”?

For Devil’s sake, it was your fault because you did not let all the editors finish editing. You printed it hastily in 4,000 copies without thinking that you might have ruined the quality of the paper.


You are acting that you know it all. And don’t even listen to them when infact they have something to say.

You are stepping their rights. You have forgotten that you are just an ASSISTANT.


But then again, your face is pottered by a devil’s hand and acting KING is NORMAL.

You always want to be on the SPOTLIGHT. You are so insecure about almost everything. You better start reading your feature article now.

I was never insecure when you stepped a notch higher than me. Because I don’t really care. I know my capacity and you never surpassed me.

The time you got your position and wrote a features about us, I knew you were still insecure.

I need to remind you. NARUTO will forever be a SHADOW of SASUKE. YOU ARE UNDER MY FEET.






Monday, February 14, 2011

Ako at ikaw...Tayong DALAWA

Oo nga pala. Araw ng mga puso ngayon. May date ka ba? Ako meron. Pero mas gusto ko sana ay ikaw.

Teka. Di ko na alam kung anon pang mga kataga ang isusulat ko sa entry na ito kasi wala talaga akong maisip na isusulat eh.

Wala akong maisulat kasi hindi mga letra ang laman ng utak ko ngayong araw kundi ang mga sandaling tayo ay magkasama. Magkasama sa loob lamang ng ilang oras. aw? :)

Gustuhin ko mang pumuntad diyan, di pwede eh. Walang tulay na nagdudugtong sa ating dalawa. aw? :)

Huwag kang mag-alala kasi kakausapin ko yung Director ng Department of Works and highways at magpapagawa ako ng fly-over mula dito sa opisina hanggang dyan sa bahay niyo.

Kung pwede ko lang sanang hugutin ang puso ko mula sa kanang dibdib ko ay ipapadala ko ito sayo. Papa.LBC ko. Ito sana ang regalo ko sayo ngayong araw ng mga puso.

Ano bang nangyari at nagustuhan kita. Teka. Di ka naman yung tipong pang-love at first sight. Di rin ikaw yung tipong pag.papantasyahan nang lahat ng lalaki.

Pero iba ka. Ikaw yung tipo ng babae na dapat ingatan at alagaan. Ang mga tawa mo at mga salita ay nagpapasaya sa puso ko. Sa bawat oras na ikaw ay kasama ko ay parang nasa Robinson ako. Fresh na fresh ang ambiance kasi malakas ang aircon.

Tsaka ito pa. Di man kita naamoy ng malapitan ay alam kong hindi ka amoy aficionado. Amoy sampaguita ka. Kasi ikaw ang national flower ng buhay ko.

Pwede bang hiramin ang eye glasses mo? Kasi di ko makita yung FUTURE ko na wala ka.

Pasensiya ka na. Wala akong pera habang sinusulat ko ang post na ito. P11 pesos lang nasa bulsa ko kaya di kita mae.DATE. Malayo ka naman kaya problema din yun. At kung meron man ay Bananacue lang at kwek kwek ang mapapakain ko sayo.

Itong blog post ko nalang ang regalo ko sayo. Sana okay lang to. :)

Sunday, February 13, 2011

I am TERRIFIED... :)

You by the light
Is the greatest find
In a world
Full of wrong
Your the thing thats right
Finally made it
Through the lonely
To the other side

You set it again

My hearts in motion
Every word feels
Like a shooting star
Im at the edge of my emotions
Watching the shadows
Burning in the dark 

And Im in love...
And Im terrifed...

For the first time
And the last time
In my only life

This could be good
Its already better than that
And nothings worse
Than knowing your holding back
I could be all that you need
If you let me try

You set it again
My hearts in motion
Every word feels
Like a shooting star

Im at the edge of my emotions
Watching the shadows
Burning in the dark
And Im in love
And Im terrified
For the first time
And the last time
In my only life
I only said it 'cause I mean it
Oh I only mean it
'Couse its true
So dont you tear
What I've been dreaming
'Couse it keeps me up
And holds me close
Whenever Im without you

You set it again
My hearts in motions
Every word feels
Like a shooting star
Im at the edge of my emotions
Watching the shadows
Burning in the dark
And Im in love
And Im terrified
For the first time
And the last time
In my only life
Life, life
In my only life

Thursday, February 10, 2011

An article for a Cap.. (Sports Column)

A few years ago, a pair of Filipinos dominated the world of badminton (Mix doubles) in the Philippine-ASEAN Games.

Kennevic Asuncion and Kenny Asuncion scored a lopsided victory over powerhouse Indonesia and the rest of the participating countries in the said event. As an avid fan of the game and a varsity player, I saw in the Asuncions’ triumph insights and a deep sense of realization that Filipino smashers cannot just only excel in our country but can also threw swift attacks and superb smashes against other alien racqueters. 

The Asuncion twins defeated powerhouse China's world no#. 11 during the 2007 Yonex-Accel Open here in the Philippines, giving the foreign invaders a far-to-squeaker-score gap in the three-set game.

This shows that Filipino athletes, if given a chance and full-throttle support from the government, can dominate in every corner of the sports world.

( I can no longer remember the exact article I wrote. But it was something like this. Some words might be gone. hehe :) )

Note: I won a New NBA Spurs Adidas Cap from PBA Commentator and the famed Sports Journalist Joaquin Henson.

Excerpt of this article was published in National Newspaper, the Philippine Star. Philippine Start! just Philippine Star! My ged...

(Click the link above to direct you to the Phil Star Website)

Wednesday, February 2, 2011


I went to the mall last night because I wanted to buy some new shirts. Wearing plain v-neck tees was always on my head since last week so I selected and tried some at Bench.

Bad luck for me because their v-neck shirts there wouldn't fit me well. I don't know why but it's just that I don't like how the sizes are set up. But I loved the cloth and its texture. SAD.

I roamed around the mall and still couldn't find one.

Where can I buy nice v-neck tees?