Wednesday, January 5, 2011

She was more beautiful this time...

I went to Cebu later on December.
It's been a while. 4 years. And I remembered the girl I used to have a crush with.
She was beautiful. Fair White Skin. A face of an angel. Slender proportionate body. Perfect. I guess, I like mestisa type of gals. She was just really attractive since then.

I was 2 years older than her when we met in high school. I was shy that time. Come on, it's high school for Ged's sake. I can't even talk to her. But I used to look at her.

But hey, Now is different. We grew older. We went for a walk. We talked a lot. She was...She was more beautiful this time... All I did was to watch her face. She was demure. Her voice was so slow and so nice to hear.

Who wouldn't notice her? Everyone liked her in high school. Campus crush. Me? I was famous too. I was the only bastard in the (FAST LEARNERS) FL- section who didn't want to attend classes. I was the bad guy. But look at my face, you would doubt that. :P

I made a trademark of my own. I was famous because I didn't attend classes. I was always late. I didn't have stellar grades. But was always active during division and regional competitions. I guess, high school girls like that, the "latagaw" figure.

I want to go back there. I want to see her again. And walk with her again :)

The feeling was like...Oh my Ged...Im so inlove.. :P

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