Friday, January 7, 2011

Just kill Me Now...

This is a good canon. This is a shuttle rocket I guess. I will put her here so that I can send her to any of the moon in the universe. Laughs!

Last Night, I was ready to die OUT OF SHAME.

Someone just made FUN of me the whole night. ( Early this morning too).

Believe me, if I will see her again I will hang her in the cross of the Dumaguete Cathedral.

I will put her in a sack, and hang her in a tree forever.

I will maker her wish that she don't want to live anymore.

I will tore her apart, put her in a CANON, and shoot him to the MOON. hahaha :P

Okay. But she is my friend. I rarely see her so happy. And if I am the object of her happiness last night, it is FINE. I understand her. She's a GIRL after all. :)

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