Tuesday, January 4, 2011

If I could only...

 In this mundane earth, even if almost everything seems to appear so vague and out of reach, there can always be time that everything would seem fine and are located at their proper places.

But I don't know. I really do not know. Sometimes, I am thankful that things went so fine that I would end up smiling in my bed at night.
That I could see myself waking up in the morning with a pleasant smile because of uhmmmmm....uhmmmmm....YOU. :)

If I could only look in your eyes, just like the ones I see in romantic movies, just like the ones in the fairytales, it would be enough to skip a single beat of my heart. It would be enough to read your thoughts, and reveal what you really feel.

If I could only be there when you sleep at night, I would touch your delicate face as gently as I could. I would play every strand of your hair with my fingers, and cuddle your skin with my hand. I would look over you, and watch you as you fall asleep. I'll never get tired of looking at your lovely face.

If I could only see you anytime of the day, then I'll surely make it worth while. I'll ponder every portion of who you are and be amazed by it forever.

If I could only dance with you, then I want the music that won't end. We'll dance under the moonlight and shattering snow. I'll give you warm when you are cold.

If I could only be there when you are old, then I promise that you will always look beautiful in my eyes. That your wrinkles won't matter, That I'll hold your hand when your knees hurt. I'll carry you when you have arthritis.

If I could only...

If I could only...

But this is not right. You are you. I am me. We can never be together. You wouldn't like me either, for sure. :P

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