Sunday, January 23, 2011

The Genius Me...

When I said "the genius me" does not necessarily mean that I have shown how genius I am during my midterm exams, this week. Luckily, without even studying hard, I was able to finish all my exams without a sweat.

Thanks to the ART OF CHEATING.

I am not saying that I am a cheater. But maybe yes. I am not sure. Who would have thought that "Ryan the Great" would actually cheat his seatmate, who is apparently has a lower I.Q. than his.

No. That is not the point here. The things is, I do not care anymore whether or not the answer of my seatmate is correct or wrong, as long I can fill in all the blank spaces of my answer sheet.

Why? because I do not study. Because I am lazy. I usually depend on the stock knowledge that I have since I read alot. ( I read many things that is far from my course. I depend on my 'mathematics and science and English' stock knowledge.)

Stock knowledge added by CHEATING is a good thing form most students. It is not a crime. It is the true image of COOPERATION and GIVING.

I hate students who cover there answer sheets with their full hands, as if there answers are really right. As if they could have a better score than me.

If only I attend my classes everyday, I could have bigger grades. That is for sure.
I even got 80 in my English 121 Subject even if only sat in the room for 6-8 times last semester. I got 80 in my calculus too.

But this is wrong. I should Change. It's new year. I am GOOD. People notice me as a goody goody boy, innocent and kind. So from now on, I will attend my classes, from 6-8 times to 15-18 times. I need to be absent and late you know.


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