Tuesday, January 25, 2011

EAT and RUN...

A while ago, I went to a friend's house for her birthday celebration. Now, that is a good thing because I can eat real foods. (I usually call home-cooked foods as REAL FOODS because I always eat at fastfood stores almost everyday).

But the bad thing is, I was late because of some significant reasons. I almost got lost on my way there because the road was the same as the other one that I passed through. I was wishing that I could see the funeral homes ( or is that a cemetery?) I am not sure.

I just want to thank Marga, our BIG and CHARMING (Gebawi) Editor in chief, for letting me out in the meeting earlier.

Now, I was late.
The story here is that. I AM LATE. I WAS LATE.

And when I came in, there were alot of them. (WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHH).
I don't like it when there are many people around. But poof! I turned weird for a while.

Someone just said " Gwapo. Murag kag buang. pag-abot nimo. Naunsa ka?"

I just replied " wala ra..hehe"

Someone gave me a plate. The hard part is that, I can hardly hold the plate and the spoon and the fork because my shoulders were "anglay". My hands were numb and weak.
I can't even pick properly the food I like.

I ate. I was late. I was the only one eating. And it was like (WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHH)

After 15mins or so.. We went home.
It was like I just went there to eat. (WAAAAAAAAAAAHHH)
I am not a pig. Am I?

I even forgot to greet my friend 'happy birthday'.

Well, she knows that. I was there. My presence is enough.

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