Sunday, January 9, 2011

Can Change Change Love?

You're beginning to scare me.
I dont know if you're even aware of it.
You're slowly growing up. maturing.
You're no longer that sweet little thing i feel in love with.
You get angry easy.
You're always complaining.

Not that you don't have the right.
But you are getting frustrated more and more.
And you vent it on me.
I can feel it now.
The blame trickling down like rain.
I was afraid of the moment
Where everything that was wrong in you life,
You'd say... started with me.

I asked you once before,
Can you see yourself, growing old with me.
You didn't answer.
Is this the part,
Where goodbye is to begin
So that we would not end up hating each other.
Should i walk out the door now
And close it forever,
Because some love can really not last forever?

There is no stopping change
We both know it then
And we still know it now.
Would change keep us apart,
I don't know. i don't have all the answers.
All i have is this silly thing called love

I don't even know could last.
I wish to say don't change
But that would be silly, isn't it?
When obviously, we're headed that way?
Would all my love suffice to ease all your pain?
Or will all your pain suffice to annihilate all your love.
I don't know if i still have the courage to know.

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