Tuesday, December 28, 2010


I was never a fan of seeing happy people together in a happy ending. I hate happy moments. I'm jealous about it. But at the same time, I adored love stories ever since the day I knew that it could reach a loner's heart.

Okay. At first, I got bored when I saw the soon-to-wed couple walking along the aile of the church.
It was boring because I waited for such a long time until the bride came along. Yah, she was not beautiful, but I knew that in the eyes of her one true love, she was everything.

Surely, she was everything to him. She was his star. She was his moon. She was everything that could make him feel he exist. She was a part of him, irrevocable and impossible to live without.

I knew that. But I didn't mind. I was bored. The reverend said many words about the goodness of GOD, and how grateful and happy he is to see the two people who are deeply in love to each other. They were in love, I could see it, but I hope it would last for a lifetime.

Yes. I hated the start of the event. Waiting was tiresome. But when the singer sang, everything changed. The song was melodramatic, romantic, wonderful, and once you listen to it, surely, you'll fall inlove.

You'll fall in love. I did. I was. Maybe. That time. But not now as I'm writing this post, things went so complicated. I know where to situate myself. I know where I stand now. I know.

If that's what you want, then okay. I won't disagree.

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