Thursday, December 2, 2010


Everybody likes superman, wonder woman and all of those superhero geeks from Marvel and Capcom Incorporated, who wouldn’t?

I bet almost everybody wants to be like one of them- saving the world from danger with their super human powers, and bringing peace to the society – however, these things do not make me happy. In fact, I can’t get along with everyone thinking that they have their own out-of-this-country superheroes.

My point is, I don’t like foreign super heroes,I prefer “Darna” than superman, batman, and Flash who’s wearing underwear outside their colorful suits.

But I have to be honest; I got this love-your-own-local-superhero just now. When I was a kid, I liked superman because he is invulnerable and of course, heis outrageously invincible. I was a fan of Flash because he runs through the speed of light. I loved Batman because of his black cool suit combined with up-to-date gadgets and weapons.

But again, just recently, I just found out that they are not as smart as they look like.
Yes. This time I’ll talk about the words ‘smart and power’. Smart people won’t wear undies outside their suits. Beings with super human strength would never be afraid of stones such as kryptonite, and should never depend on high-tech gadgets during a fight.
Mind you, Darna isn’t afraid of stones and she is smart enough that she knows the difference between undies and shorts. Apart from that, she is strong enough to beat bad guys without the use of any high-tech weapons.

I’m talking about Darna here, a young and beautiful young woman who was given a chance to obtain superpowers when she swallows a magical stone from time to time, just in case the world needs help. Did I say ‘world’? Well, just the Philippines actually.
Narda is Darna’s natural state whenever she does not use her superpowers. She sells goods in the market together with her grandmother and younger brother Ding. Her superpowers doesn’t have any weaknesseslike any other super heroes out there, however, she gets weak when the lives of her love ones are in danger. She will do everything for them, even if it means death for her.

“Each person has his own story, but only a few is worthy of being told”,I heard this cliché from the movie that I watched before I wrote this article. The movie was Jack and the Beanstalk. Jack, who was a young stubborn dumb-minded fella, obtained three magic beans which were capable of growing a ladder-like tree that could reach the heavens.

The aforementioned line is simple but it’s nice simply because it reminds me of how the world would react if I would get my life story published, who would probably want to read it?

On the other hand, if the story of Darna will be foretold, for sure many people, especially the Filipinos, would read it since she is an icon. People would be eager to know about her because she is something, an epitome of beauty and a foundation of extraordinary powers – Darna.

There was a time in the tale of Darna that she lost her powers because her enemies took it away from her in exchange for the safety of her family who were drawn captives. But still, she continued to do her task as a savior for mankind and rescued people with her bare hands. She was brave, and courageous despite being powerless. She was capable of doing great things amidst nothingness.

In the bottom line, I have realized that Darna gave me a lesson to share, a lesson that she wanted me to tell to everybody;that despite being weak, despite being mere humans that are made of flesh and powerless, we can still do something to save mankind. All of us can become heroes in our own rights.


  1. Nka gusto mo lang na maging si darna ha! :)

    Mary Narvasa


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