Sunday, December 19, 2010

Hate this feeling....

I hate this feeling. NO. I like it, very much. It's just that I hate the way it feels.

I hate the feeling of missing someone because I'm tired of missing. It distracts my mind everyday. NO. It distracts the whole point of my existence every time I wake up in the morning.

Can I just see you everyday? NO. I mean, Can you stay with me for a while? NO. I mean, can you stay with me forever?, if possible. Promise. I'll make it worthwhile.

I promise I'll be better. Better than I was before. Better than anybody else, if there is such a thing as "The Best", then I'll try.

I mean. Why do I miss you? NO. I mean, I'm dying to see you. Please.
I want to tell you that I miss you. Can I? NO. I don't want you to know.
Wait. I'm getting weird. Okay, now I am really weird.

The fact is that my heart is kicking off to its fifth gear. NO, if there is nth gear then, it is happening right now.

If you only know how beautiful you are to me. Yes you are. :)

I didn't notice that as time goes by, you are the only thing that runs inside my head.
The picture of you, smiling. So beautiful. 

You are just simply, and undeniably alluring.

Lovely as a blossoming rose in the morning breeze.

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