Saturday, December 25, 2010

'First times' on Christmas.

A lot of 'first times' happened this December.

First time to give a gift, that is not compulsory.
First time to spend Christmas at a friend's house.

First time to see a beauty. (Uwat... I saw myself at the mirror)

First time at Sun Down.

First time at Food Net Phil Oil.

First time to be kissed by a GAY.

First time to drink Cold Mocha Cofee with Soft serve.

First time to talk with a girl for 3 hours, since I don't talk that often.

It's my first time to receive Christmas cards. I got the first one from Lazy Marya, and the second one was from Erianne Maot.
It was like. These people must be so primitive that they still write cards. And then, I realized that it was still really heartwarming. The words that shows Thanksgiving for friendship, and the real feelings that were written on those cards made me feel that I exist.

Before I forget, I appreciate Erianne Maot for inviting me at her place. The food was great. I never ate real food for months since I always eat at fast food stores. Her family was great too. It was like i lived there for years. Her cousin-in-law kept on asking me about my family and address. So I said " Bisag asa rako puyo teh."  and then, she laughed. She always was laughing. Erianne's Nanay was so NICE. It's like she's my grandma. She's kind. She knows that I write too.

Never did I imagine I could make people smile. Never did I realized that someone, aside from my mother, would really give me something as nice as those cards.

I always thought that people see me as someone that could burst their bubble. Pest. Pester. 
But this time, they thanked me for being a friend, for being  a person with value. COOL.

I felt that I have worth. That I have friends. :)

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