Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Blog Post no#3 - The INSANE MORON

Now, going to the WEIRD part. The BAD part. The Product of my insanity. This is the Third POST.

 I ruined everything. I just ruined what we've started last night. I mean, we could have build something more, like deeper friendship. But what did I do? I turned jerk. I became a dumb insane weird alien..urghhhhhhhhhhhh..
SHIT. (Sorry, let me say this readers)

I didn't know what happen. All I knew was that, I was a total LOSER slash MORON slash JERK. Call me everything. But Sorry, I am more than that.

I made her feel bad. I must have caused her system to collapse. She must be figuring out until now what happened.

Nothing happened. I mean, there was. WEIRD.

I'm sure, that would be the last part of "Ryan meets Marya" the movie. No more continuation.
I totally sucked. I ruined everything. URGHHHHH. KILL ME NOW SANTINO.

What's wrong with me? RYAN what's wrong with you? Urrggghhh...

If she only knows how sorry I am, and that I can't reply to her message because of that.

If she only knows how bad I felt about what I did.

If she only knows how shameful I am to myself.

If she only knows I didn't mean it.

If she only knows my reasons.

Sigh. Sigh. She won't be coming back. The end. You did a good job Ryan. You better die now and rot in hell. 


Sigh. It wouldn't make a change.

I messed up.

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