Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Blog Post no#2 - The Coffe Talks

We talked alot. In cafe Antonio. From her recent past love life, to her doings at school, and etc. I let her talk and talk. I liked listening to her. She's always smiling. I just watched her.
I was sleepy, actually. But the BIG GLASS of cold coffee reactivated my whole system.
So I talked a lot as well. From the important ones up to non sense.

The coffee tasted really good. It has a soft  serve over it. It's like mocha chocolatey. No. It is mocha.

 Okay. She was like this. I mean, she sipped the coffee just the way the lady in the picture does it.

Cute isn't it? But believe me.  I found her more than that. She's not the most beautiful, she's attractive.

 I sipped my share as well. It's my first time to be there and first time to taste that one. PRIMITIVE only because I don't go out that often.

But I would be much happier if it was like this. COOL. I mean, SWEET. Hey, the guy is cute. SO LIKE ME. :)

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