Friday, December 24, 2010

Blog Post on a Christmas evening no# 1 - The Gifts

Heard it right. I have lots of things to say this time because there were many WEIRD things that suddenly occurred, last night and today, which was a product of my out-of-this-world insanity.

Let me start about the good one.

Last night, we agreed to meet for our exchanging gift. This includes me and her, alone. It was   my first time actually. Never did I give any gift to anybody on Christmas. I don't feel like giving any to anyone, even to my mother, nor my sister. But suddenly, this two-of-us exchanging gift just popped-out in my mind a week ago.

Okay. Now, I made this one.

I don't know if this is nice. I think so. Perhaps, it is.
The thing is, I am not into ART. I don't have that so it took me a long time to do the background.  A series of Photoshop Trial and Error. I was desperate, but it was fun at the same time. :)

About the content. I guess it's KORNY. It's a big joke. (Let's talk about that later)
It's not as nice like the ones I made before, but at least I really tried to write.

Now, she gave me this.


A 500g Bottle of Jonhson's Baby Powder and an Orange Ball Pen.
I planned to never show a reaction but when I opened it. I smiled so hard that I almost laugh. It was funny, and weird too. Who on earth could ever think of that?

I liked it, very much. It made me happy. Not the powder, but the Pen. It's so cool.
I'll use it for editing the dummies. I will keep it. I'll keep the bottle too. Because it has ART. I don't know with her. If she thinks that's art, well, I guess I just need to agree.

It's nice. I have no choice but to agree. It has a Christmas tree, fireworks, purple web? gifts

question marks? yellow stars. 

Blue worms, red gumamela?
Snow man. Green Worm
This bottle includes the weirdest of creatures so I need to keep it. 

The pen is soooo COOL. It really worked. I tried to throw it, then wrote something yet it is still working.

I will use this for editing. I'll put this in my bag. 

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