Monday, November 15, 2010

Weird....PEOPLE from Amazon

Since I can't think of anything to write for this blog entry, I guess I just have to write something about some weird people around me. And yeah, saying that this one is called PEOPLE is not the right term. This one deserves a rare and unique name, ALIEN or AMAZONA would be appropriate.

Why is she weird? because it's just the way she is, and no matter how I try to find out that there' something good about her, there is none.

Well, I need to admit that she kinda has a cute??? voice (and a distinctive visayan intonation because she's from occidental negros) at some point when I called her, a few times. But saying that there's something good about her just won't pop out in my mind.

She is weird and complex minded. And saying that she is an AMAZONA from the jungle is just an understatement. She is more than that. She is rude and harsh. And yah, she is weird. WEIRD. The weirdest gal I've known so far.

However, her weirdness makes me want to look for her, literally. I want to hear her weird terms and intonations not so often. And I bet that doesn't mean anything because I am always alone in my room so I need someone to talk to, and someone to...hmmmm...CLOWN?? :) ..she's cute, ironically....

Wait, I guess at some point I'm being so rude to her in this post.

I should also include that there was a time that I realized that this amazona has a HEART. There was a time that I tried to call her but she did not answer the phone because it was in silent mode, according to her.

And suddenly, around 10 PM, I received a message from her saying that she's sorry and that she'll gonna call me if I have a smart number.

And I said "aw? unsai nakaon aning bayhana?"

Can't believe that she'll really do that. Well, I guess people from amazon, at the rarest point, has a heart.

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