Thursday, November 4, 2010

How to kill people in a blog post...

Why is it that many people are making LAWS and RULES just for their own gain?

I witnessed several scenarios in mankind involving this kind of parasitic behaviorI would like to KILL some INSENSITIVE people in this post.

It can be noted that a few months ago the Board has decided to not let the staff open their Face Book account for some very significant reasons.

First, so that the Staff can focus on their work.
Second, to detach themselves from distraction.
Third, to consume office hours sole-fully in good-work.
Fourth, to maintain Peace And Order in the office
Fifth, to develop team-work among other  co-staffers
Sixth, to publish weekly.

I promised to myself that I will never argue again with people who are not in level with my I.Q. because I think that would be too demeaning for a person of my stature, too ridiculous to argue with people who can't understand the words FAIRNESS and EQUALITY. If they'll argue, shutting their mouth up is easy just like the last time.

I am a Sole Noblesse so I need to handle situations with Class and Dignity.
I am not a coward. I just think that this post will resolve everything, no need to argue. I don't want to hear people who are arguing nonsense, just like this morning. Too annoying.

Here are my arguments:

The Board prohibits the opening of social networking sites because that would cause distraction to each staffer's work. But why is it that there are some people who kept on playing games during office hours?

Why are they too noisy while playing?
Are they not distracting the others?

Why are they opening Youtube, and sing stupid songs while others are working?

Is it not a violation to make CRAZY NOISE inside the office?

Is it right to muck or to speak obscene words here in the office?

I'm sorry but I can't remember my teacher telling me that I can say "Peste", "yawa", or "fuck you" inside the classroom.

That is, if you guys passed GMRC.

Why are they not respecting the Former EIC Junrell Calunod?
Junrell wants to finish his tasks before he goes abroad yet other people kept on BULLSHITTING him.

I feel really bad for him. I respect him alot yet other people would just ignore him, not thinking about all the things he had done for this institution.

Is it right to say that  "I am doing my weekly task so I am allowed to play"?

Does that mean that I can play as many games as I want and LAUGH out LOUD like a jerk because I am doing my weekly tasks as well? Come on. I've been active from the start of this school year yet my HEAD remained humble, unlike others whose heads grew larger than ever.

Does that mean that because they hold position here they can do everything they want? for their own gain?

Is it right to give a strike to someone who is just seeking for FAIRNESS?

I can't remember we had an agreement that a strike will be given to those who will open FB.

These are my arguments. I do not want to hear people arguing here in the office because of the same reasons. Resolve this immediately.

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