Sunday, November 28, 2010

Dabarkads at Maranatha...

Last night was my 4th time to be there in Maranatha, (I mean, it's been my nth time to be there since I always go there last year, accompanying a dear friend during Fridays,but I was hesitant to go inside).

Was happy to know that I am now somehow active in the church after a year of disappearance because of some insignificant reasons, and I am planning to keep it up as long as my feet are still capable of walking. I can still remember that someone called me a 'backslider'. I even don't know what that means. Someone said I would never change even if I would attend daily church sermons (if there is).

Yes, I am bad, too bad, but that does not mean I am deprived of the right to be good even just for a night. Besides, no one could actually say that I am a complex-minded with the physique that I have.
Now, back to the topic. I was glad that during my first time I was accompanied by May (a.k.a tambuk) inside. After a while, I saw Jam (a.k.a heavyweight) opening the gate. And Cherry (am still thinking what would be a good alias for her) greeted me 'hi' matched with a perfect smile.

The teens there were just the typical ones I used to see in school. Some are noisy, some must be fond of doing their hobby in the kitchen, some are small, some are tall, but What I like the most about them was that they are friendly. 

Friendly in a way that I never felt  I was out of place. Well, It's a good thing that I know some of them already, that includes wowee, jam, myrrh, may, cherry, and aileen. (who else)

Hilarious it was when Jam became my instant teacher for the first and second lessons.She looked so uhmmm...funny when she does her hand gesture thingy just to make me understand the things that she's talking about. I'm hoping that she'll be my teacher up to the last lesson of the discipleship. (me, a disciple? cool)

I like the way how 'Kuya Paks' (if I am right) share the word of God to the youth, that includes me since I'm still a teenager. Just want to clear things up since others may think I'm older than the way I look...sshhh..

I am hoping that I will become a GOOD man after I finish the discipleship.

Snack. That's the good thing about going there. ( Joke :].. )

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