Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Are you trying to burst my bubble?...

Sorry if I have made this post. I just want to confirm something.
Did I read it right? Are you messing up with me?

For God's sake, do you think you really have the guts to mess up with me?
You are somehow close to me, and I can't imagine you starting to mess up with me.

Please do not burst my bubble. I'm not good at this.

 But don't worry, if you want this then I'll be there with Class and Elegance.
Don't worry I'm used to friends-turning-demons scenarios.

 If you think you did a good job in shutting my mouth up, you are terribly wrong.

Mess up with me, then I'll make your life miserable.

Should I say that you earned your position because there is no other one to take it over?

Should I say that if we would compare our articles when you were still a writer, yours doesn't even look like a work of a senior?

Okay. I'll stop blurting.

I'm sorry if I'm wrong. But I guess I'm right.

Forgive me if I'm wrong. I'll erase this post if I am wrong.

Please DO NOT START. DO NOT START. I'm tired with SICK CLOSE-MINDED people.

You wouldn't mess up with me if you are INTELLIGENT.

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