Saturday, October 30, 2010

Things I hate the most....

I only have a few minutes left before the monitor of this PC tells "Would you like to extend more?", 15 minutes to be specific. What's worst is that the internet connection here is pretty snail's pace.

No, I guess saying that is an understatement. I guess the connection here is like a snail with no other leg or a dog with no sight.

Okay. I hate this. I hate internet cafes with slow connection. They don't deserve any of my bucks. I would rather use the free internet in the office than staying here.
I hate being sick. I want to go out and spend my time to some things worth living but I can't since damn I've got non stop cough and clogged nose for almost 3 weeks. Yes!b three weeks.

I'm getting older and of all the hates that I hate, this is my most hate. I don't want to grow older. See? I want to be young and stay TEEN forever. However. it is also nice to grow old yet you still look like TEEN. Well, it's good to have a young-baby looking skin like mine. WALAY MUPALAG!

I hate people who are snub. I'm sorry if that's the right word. But please, when I ask you some important things just please reply to my message. It's very apparent that there are times that I'm asking for some infos in a very professional manner, yet I don't get a reply.

I hate being lazy. I am lazy but I love myself so I would like to crash out this HATE.

I hate being cute. If you know how to handle people who are Hyperactive and LOVE-THEIR-OWN then you'll agree with me. ARgue with my mother.

I hate being strong. I am so strong that I can ..uhmmm... throw a stone in your face. Just in case you make me mad.

I hate PROBLEMS. I've got a BIG problem. But I should no longer think about it.
I hate being a LIAR. But Lord, I'll go to church tomorrow, as what I promised you last month.

I hate People who think they KNOW-IT-ALL. Of course, who would love that?

I hate to end this , but I am running out of time..

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  1. duh.. where's your common sense ryan??? gulang nah lmang k.. ahahah.. if you hate that internet cafe, nganong nagdugay pman k??? nganong wla k n.log out daun?.. pahong.. ahahah


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