Saturday, September 11, 2010

A Tragedy and a Pakshit!

Sometimes, you need to be optimistic even with the worst possible cases.

The Publication is in great danger, so to speak. Everyone especially, the ones who will going to graduate are worried about this so called "the tragedy of the century".

Three expensive cameras were stolen here in the office. Everyone could not believe that this kind of tribulation would come in our way especially that, the publication is already enveloped with so many problems.

Yes, the publication is not important though. That is if you are a shallow-minded four-tailed pakshit! 

Some people are just too insensitive in what's happening. I am not expecting them to become worried but at least, I am hoping that they would give sympathy and not act so DUMB!

 If they think they are so COOL in acting like an animal, so be it. Act like a LION Pakshit!. Some people may have forgotten that this publication gave them benefits, and opportunities here in the university.
I am hoping that by the next time they talk TRASH, they would think first what would others feel about it.

ACTING PA"COOL" this time doesn't make you KING, it makes you look like an IDIOT.

I loved this idiot before, but I just don't get it. He just changed in the worst case ever! pakshit!

I don't have hard feelings though. Honestly, rampage is over by now.

I'll like this friend again the next day in hell. It's how it  goes because we are not FAMILY here.

Go to Hell.

Okay. The rampage is over.

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