Thursday, September 23, 2010

The POLICE said...

The police said "katong si _ _ _ _ ba, bayot to? daghan man gud kaayo gesulti unya mura jug bayot. Basig naninguha to nimo dong unya wala nimo gesugot".

I grinned as I watched his dark face. I can only see the white portion of his teeth when he talked since he was seated at the dark portion of the corridor where his face was against the light.

"haha..balo ato sir..bayot dagwai to" I replied while trying to be calm. There were six policemen last night. The charcoal-skinned policeman was the one who interrogated me, if that is the right term, and the other five were watching me.

" soud ka ani nilang dong? they asked me. I was confident to answer and said "oo sir, barkada ming tanan diri. Dugay najud ming soud ani nila".

"mao ba. murag gedout man gud ka dong" he said adding that, these people gave extra statements to them, nonsense statements. The police said that there were personal motives against me from what they've got from their investigation.

Mukatkat sa gate. To the person who said this, I hope you know that there is a CCTV camera in the gate. So if you are smart enough, think first before you let your stupidity run your mind. DUMB! why not you use your dumb-head?
Motorcycle accident. again, I hope the person who said this will die and his/her soul will rot in hell. I hope you know what you are doing. I hope you know what is the difference between your-own-made-story and factual events.
You are a JOURNALIST. How come you do not know this? DUMB. why not you use your dumb-head?

My point is, avoid saying vague infos because this would complicate the situation. We know this because we are journalists. The things we said should be credible.

I understand. You are not as smart as I am. :]

Simple as that. DUMBHEADS!

...uhmm...I guess the story ends there. I just need to shut up.

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