Tuesday, September 21, 2010

A Pester!

A pester suddenly bursted my bubble this afternoon.

Here is a thing. Do not talk to me if I don't talk to you. Do not say something that would burst my bubble just because I hit you once.

If you can't say something good, or if you can't say something that would counterpart the rude words I said to you earlier then just do not try.
You are bursting my bubble. It does not mean that you are an Editor you can say something so mandatory.

If you are intelligent, so to speak for a dean's lister, I hope you know that the wearing of the TN shirt is not compulsory.

Therefore, you cannot just ask me that "why are you not wearing your shirt?", when in the first place I am not compelled to do so.

Do not act like you are something here in the office because I do not serve anybody here.

I am not on the mood on having a goody-happy give-all-the-patience piece of crap for someone who is acting like a piece of shit.

Stop pestering me! Do not ask me what to do because I am not compelled to do anything here.

Hope YOU KNOW THAT! Inculcate that in your mind, that is if you are not preoccupied with anger.


  1. First, it actually is mandatory. That's why we are to pay if we do not wear it. :) [Gahi lang jud tag ulo]

    Also, i think she has the right to remind you of the rules that we tend to forget nowadays, the wearing of TN shirt as an example; she is an editor and a senior I believe.

    Lastly, it isn't good to call someone a pester or a piece of shit, especially when the motive behind her asking is good.

    Just a few reminders. Take care ry! Don't indulge yourself in too much negativeness. Smile! :-)

  2. First and foremost, I didn't say that the rule is mandatory. I said that the way the statement has been said was mandatory. Not appropriate for her kind. Not proper for a college student. Not suitable for an editor. Merely an act of an elementary student.

    Secondly, we are not compelled to wear the TN shirt, but we are required to do so.

    We are to pay because it is the punishment/fine if we abridged this condition.

    It is mandatory in kind, but not compulsory in nature.

    See the difference of these terms? I know you do. We are intelligent.

    Thirdly, I wore my TN shirt yesterday. However, I used another shirt to cover it up since it is a little bit topsy-turvy. It's a long story.

    Hope you understand why I was pestered by this crap.

    And yah, the motive behind her asking is just to hit me back with nonsense. In other words, balos ra ba.

    And the statement "gahi ratag ulo" does not reflect me in this case. :] say that to someone else.


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