Wednesday, September 29, 2010


 I am wondering why I am like this. There are times that I can speak so well, but sometimes I would stutter or stammer especially during the times that I need my very-good-talking skills, so to speak.

I know that I won't stutter if I would just talk calmly. I can talk so well with my friends even in the English language.

But it's just that, I stutter in times that I'm so angry, or too excited, or shy....

Last week, I had an argument with some people whom I respected so much. And because of that, I didn't bother or even try to have an issue with them. I prefer shutting my mouth up than hurting their feelings. But that was before...

The argument was too delicate to be tackled, and it bursted my bubble that it made me so angry, but calm at the same time. I thought of trying myself to be calm since it is needed, for would-be professionals.

We argued. It was a long argumentation. That time, I talked sooooo well. So well that I made them shut up to whatever arguments they raised. I was good. Very Good.

But what happen to me on the seminar of the newbies last August? I stuttered too much. I've got super jitters. It's like I do not know how to read. It was embarrassing. Really. :] wheewws..

I need help this time. Something Big is coming. I need to overcome this. 

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